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Abu Dhabi prepares to stake its claim as the Gulf’s regional hub
The global race to stay ahead of fintech innovation is underway, and in the Gulf it's Abu Dhabi that hopes to be the regional hub. Just a month after Ahmad Al Sayegh, the chairman of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) – the fin­ancial free zone within the United Arab Emirates’ second most populated city – unveiled plans to make
Asia glows as VC data shows the smart money's on Fintech
Despite Silicon Valley suffering dismal headlines in recent months, fintech investment is still on the rise and is poised to smash records this year. Citing data from KPMG International and CB Insights, Bloomberg reported that investment in the sector is set to shoot past last year’s total by 36% in 2016 if fundraising continues the way it has in the first
How Airbnb made its payments system more accessible to Brazilians for the Rio Olympics
Rio is now Airbnb's fourth largest city. The company has updated its payments system there so that locals can more easily use the site. In 2014, when Brazil hosted the World Cup, the number of Airbnb listings in Rio alone rocketed from about 800 to 17,000. But most Brazilians couldn’t use their preferred payment methods to book a room on
Washington seeks better control of fintech companies
The financial technology segment, which includes companies that lend money online to firms that process electronic payments, had gone quite a long time without catching the attention of government regulators. However, this grace period has come to an end. According to a Financial Times article, under the Obama administration, the government and regulators have created a network of fintech watchers
Fintech entrepreneurs share the best advice they ever got from friends
It was startup central for fintech companies in New York this week with scores of founders swapping war stories at the Benzinga Fintech Awards event. In the course of their travels, founders get tons of advice. Here is what top entrepreneurs said was the single best piece of advice they had received Tiki Barber, co-founder, and former Giants star
At the Benzinga Fintech Awards, the survey says banks are pretty much toast
Even when banks try to embrace innovation they can’t catch much of a break from the startup folks spreading the gospel of speed, low-pricing, and less paperwork. Carey Kolaja, global product officer at Citi Fintech, put a good face on things as she stepped into the lion’s den of startups, moderating a panel on the future of banking at the
Japan has passed to bill to regulate cryptocurrencies, so what now?
Japan’s fintech industry reached a major milestone this week when the Diet passed a bill that will allow for virtual currency exchanges to be regulated. The new law, The Japan Times reports, means exchange operators will have to register with the Financial Services Agency (FSA). In turn, the FSA will be able to conduct on-site inspections and issue administrative orders.
The card to end all cards could soon be issued by your bank
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Plastc, the company that makes an e-ink device that promises to replace all your other bank cards, has said that it is “in talks with major issuing banks” so that it can produce a white labeled product for its partners. According to Bank Innovation, Plastic CEO Ryan Marquis says his company will roll out the first private label cards by
Fintech fund raising robust in April. Lending Club who?
The numbers are in for fintech funding for the month of April. And they are looking amazingly strong. According to the Finovate blog, 114 companies raised $7.3 billion last month. 2016 is shaping up pretty nicely, despite the gloom-and-doom in the startup world: The total number of deals YTD stands at 438, almost double last year’s 238. Total dollars raised YTD
Dealflow pivots; refocuses deal choices
Late this past fall, made a big pivot. Pivots, of course, are part of the startup lexicon. They are the equivalent of battle-earned scars. The pivot founder Steven Dresner made for his online database of private companies raising money may surprise many fintech trend followers. He took a big step back from just scooping up every deal he could glean