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Singapore to link with London via a “fintech bridge”
The U.K. and Singapore regulators are joining forces to form a so-called “fintech bridge” in a bid to both bolster Singapore’s fintech credentials and strengthen U.K. links to Asia. In a joint statement with the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and HM Treasury, the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) said the tie-up between regulators – claimed to be the first
Video: Nexmo- cloud communication for finance firms
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Cloud communication platform Nexmo is working to unite fractured messages systems globally, allowing fintech companies to authenticate users and transactions, explains Srivatsan Srinivasan, product leader at the company, during the New York FinDevr event.
Video: Fintech companies take on big banks’ identities as tech firms
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Big banks, including JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, are pushing to identify themselves as technology companies. But the fintech firms presenting at FinDevr in New York City have a few thoughts about the roles these companies play in the tech space.
Why the Chinese dominate Bitcoin trading
What is the national pastime of China? If you answered gambling, you probably have a few Chinese friends. What is the national pastime of Chinese business people? If you answered tax evasion, corruption and money laundering, then you’ve tried to do business in China. When a handful of businessmen merged these two pastimes, they made a fortune by building casinos
Krawcheck says she never set out to be an entrepreneur; she just wanted to solve a problem
Sallie Krawcheck launched Ellevest this past week, a new digital investing platform for women. But she didn’t set out to become an entrepreneur. “I needed to solve a problem,” Krawcheck said in an interview at the Tech Crunch Disrupt 2016 conference on Wednesday. “We have a gender investing gap that can costs women tens of thousands -- even millions of
Japanese banking giant launches fintech fund
Japanese banks are trying to catch-up with their Western and Asian rivals when it comes to fintech. The latest development has come from financial conglomerate SBI Holdings which has just launched a $275 million fund to invest in fintech startups. Finextra reports that the fund will be backed by a consortium of around 20 other Japanese companies, including Bank of
Paypal’s Singapore program adds to a growing list of fintech incubators in Asia
Last week PayPal put out the word that it will launch its second fintech incubator in Asia, called Start Tank. The nine-month-long program will be run in PayPal’s Technology Center at Singapore’s Suntec City office tower complex.  The payments giant is giving startups until May 25 to submit, and a chance to pitch at an event on June 2. Paypal
Robinhood, Betterment square off over investor prowess, transparency of their business models
It was all very polite. On the surface. In one chair, Vlad Tenev, founder and CEO of Robinhood, the super-hot trading app. In the other, Jon Stein, founder and CEO of Betterment, the original robo-advisor that set Wall Street back on its heels. The key issues at this Tech Crunch Disrupt 2016 panel in New York on Tuesday: transparency and how best
‘Manus x Machina:’ What investors can learn from the new fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum
Wealth managers are struggling to understand the meaning of the rise of the robo-advisor. Is it friend or foe? Competitor or partner? The newest fashion exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York may help everyone frame their thoughts on this hot topic. “Manus X Machina” takes on the battle of man vs machine in the world of fashion by
Here’s why Hong Kong could be falling behind in fintech
Like all global financial hubs, Hong Kong is trying to pull ahead of the crowd when it comes to fintech innovation, but its failing and lack of regulation is holding it back. Inevitably, much of the criticism being leveled at Hong Kong comes via comparisons with its regional rival Singapore. Speaking to the South China Morning Post this week, Ian