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PayPal wins the battle of the fintech Super Bowl ads
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New fintech player SoFi spent $5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl spot, and it fell flat. The ad for the San Francisco-based lending startup cost 20% of its annual budget. But after watching the ad, the only thing we knew was that despite our moms thinking we're "great," we may not be. The ad ends with a quick "great loans
7 fintech startups to watch in 2016
Fintech had a big year in 2015 and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Here’s a look at seven fintech startups that could be making an even bigger splash in 2016. Advizr Advizr offers robust financial planning software and automated advice delivery to its customers. The company is opening the door to real-time world-class financial planning for clients of
Will Fintech kill the banks?
Over the last few decades, big banks have benefited enormously from technological innovations and digitalisation. But will “distributed ledger” technology prove to be their undoing? A new report by an analyst at Citi suggests that one of most celebrated Fintech innovations of recent years could prove a double-edged sword for the big banks. The innovation in question is “distributed ledger”
Ten young role models for Europe’s bustling fintech industry
With the publication of Forbes “30 under 30”, a series of portraits of 30 of Europe’s most successful young professionals in finance, Finbuzz takes a look at ten (more) extraordinary careers. Yesterday, we published a list of ten young finance professionals who have risen rapidly through the ranks of London-based and EU banks and investment funds. We noted that by
P2P lenders react to China's $7.6B Ponzi scandal
The biggest victims of the RMB50 billion ($7.6 billion) Ponzi scam recently uncovered in China are, of course, the 900,000 investors who entrusted their money to peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform Ezubao. But beyond that, many other P2P lenders will also suffer from the scandal. The full extent of the scam was only just uncovered this week – executives from Ezubao’s
Leaked data suggest Twitter users are tweeting less and less
Business Insider has obtained a set of data that, if legitimate, reflects the ongoing narrative about Twitter. The once-lauded startup has been floundering since soon after its 2013 IPO—but more recently, sluggish use growth, a round of layoffs, plunging stock prices, and high-profile departures from its executive board have left Twitter rudderless. Now, Business Insider reports, leaked data collected through
All aboard the blockchain bandwagon!
Blockchain is no longer on the fringes of fintech. Now, not a week goes by when another big name -- in finance or tech – doesn't announce its going big on blockchain. The latest addition to the list is JPMorgan Chase, which is launching a trial project with Digital Asset Holdings, the startup run by the bank's former head of
Facebook for bankers: NexChange aims to take on 50-75 million finance professional market
Juwan Lee, the energetic founder of NexChange, an exclusive network for financial professionals, like any Fintech CEO, spends a lot of his time on the road, writes FinBuzz. The entrepreneur splits his time between Hong Kong, New York, and London. The network, which is available both on desktop and smartphones, brings together industry peers on a social and professional level, and
You could soon get cash from ATMs using Apple Pay
You could soon be able to withdraw cash from ATMs using Apple Pay, negating any need to carry a credit or debit card around with you, reports TechCrunch. According to its sources, Bank of America and Wells Fargo are both working to enable Apple’s digital wallet service to withdraw cash from ATMs by placing their iPhones near the cash machines
P2P solution to China Inc's unpaid bills?
China CITIC Bank, a unit of the country's biggest investment group, uncovered a Rmb1 billion ($152 million) fraud last year in its bill financing business. Apparently an employee at its Lanzhou branch falsified documents that were used as collateral to get a banker's acceptance note. But, more serious for corporate China is failing to get paid after presenting genuine bills. The