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CoinOut Wants To Digitize The Pennies In Your Pocket
If you like paying with cash, but don't want to deal with loose coins, this app will send your change to your phone. Who isn't frustrated at coming home with a pocket full of loose change? Well, just like almost everything else in the universe, there's an app for that. CoinOut, a startup founded by Jeff Witten, aims to bring
KPMG Unveils Its China Fintech 50
With its annual Global Fintech 100 rankings proving to be a hit, Big Four auditor KPMG has decided to create the China Fintech 50 list (pdf), a register of the nation’s 50 most significant companies developing new technologies for the financial services industry. Business model-wise, big data firms dominate the list, followed by big data credit and integrated financial services
Corporate Treasurers Eye Blockchain Potential Amid Brexit Worries
Corporates reveal views on blockchain and Brexit in the newest survey analysing implications of Brexit and fintech revolution for corporate banking services, writes FinBuzz. Three quarters of corporates are interested in blockchain to reduce their trading risks, according to results of their Corporate Treasurers survey, which canvassed the opinions of 200 corporate treasurers across the globe, conducted by Temenos, the software specialist for
Banking Disrupted: The Future of Fintech and the Banking Industry
The financial services industry is one of the last frontiers new technology has yet to fully conquer. Despite a heavily regulated banking industry, fintech companies are estimated to capture 17 percent of banks' revenue by 2023. While there is no shortage of fintech startups out there, nearly 27 private fintech companies have achieved ‘unicorn’ status with an aggregate valuation of
Social Media Data Early Indicator Of Chase Sapphire Reserve Popularity
The latest data from TickerTags indicates that social media buzz predicted the huge success of JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM 1.23%'s Chase Sapphire Reserve premiere credit card. TickerTags monitors social media sites to identify trends by searching for words and phrases that appear together in social media content, such as tweets. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: Thomas Hawk
WMA Fintech Conference 2016: Evolution, Not Revolution
Industry leaders and academics give their insights on innovation shaking up financial services, FinBuzz reports. The Wealth Management Association (WMA) hosted its inaugural Fintech conference at KPMG’s headquarters at Canary Wharf. In attendance were delegates from a range of wealth management firms, as well as experts on the latest technology innovations such as blockchain and robo-advice. The WMA is the
UBS Leads Blockchain Currency Team
UBS leads a team comprising four world’s most powerful banks which are now focused on delivering a system that will use blockchain technology to allow financial markets to complete financial transactions more quickly and smoothly, writes FinBuzz. UBS has created a system known as “Utility Settlement Coin” (USC). The system is not a new decentralized digital currency such as bitcoin, but rather a digital cash counterpart
How One College Student Got 3,000 Strangers To Venmo Him Beer Money
Apparently, football fans are at their most generous when impressed on Game Day. This is a powerful lesson about choosing one's words wisely—specifically when it comes to handmade signs at NCAA football games. Signs only hold so much space, of course, and the challenge is to make every word count. Over the weekend, one enterprising student pared his message down
5 Questions With Juan Mendoza, the CEO of Portfolio-Sharing Platform Peeptrade
If there’s one thing not lacking on Wall Street, it’s opinions. Everyone has their own feelings on which investments are worth it and which are not, and these opinions often inform how people trade. Unfortunately, trading can be a lonely life, especially for retail traders. And while there are platforms for idea sharing like Twitter and StockTwits, one company is
Currency Exchange Startup uChange Completes Seed Round
Currency exchange platform uChange has recently completed a seed funding round of $500,000, according to the company. UChange is an Israeli based app that connects two people in close proximity to each other who are holding opposite currencies and want to exchange the same amount of cash. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: M4D Group