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OSA Decentralized's Ecosystem Combines AI, Big Data and Blockchain to Benefit Manufacturers and Consumers
OSA Decentralized's blockchain-based platform combines artificial intelligence and big data, while utilizing smart contracts to collect and analyze real-time data from manufacturers, retailers and consumers with the goal of limiting product waste, saving consumers money and allowing shoppers to make informed choices about the products they are buying. The platform essentially serves as digital assistant for consumers who are rewarded
DECENT Has Built a Decentralized Platform to Revolutionize Data and Content Distribution
DECENT is a Swiss-based tech firm that has used blockchain technology to build a secure, decentralized platform that liberates content and data distribution from corporate middlemen, giving full control back to the people who create the content. Given that the Decent Network is a censorship-free distribution platform, it should come as no surprise that it has attracted the interest of
It’s Getting Harder and Harder for SMEs to Raise Credit and Russia-Based Finolog Wants to Fix That, by Monetizing Trust
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Nobody will argue how important small and medium-size enterprises are to an economy; they create job opportunities, they increase investment, they rev up competition, and oftentimes, they fuel innovation. That said, it’s been getting harder and harder for the 400 million SMEs worldwide to gain financing. Banks rarely provide them loans and VCs often leave them hanging after months of
eSports is a Booming Business and VReS is Building a Platform to Make it More Immersive For Fans
Video games have come a long way since the days when Atari was the dominant gaming system and playing with a group of fellow gamers meant grabbing a roll of quarters at your local arcade. The gaming systems today have become more powerful and immersive, greatly expanding the possibilities of the gaming experience through the incorporation of virtual reality. If
Swiss-Based Smart Containers is Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Make Shipping, Well, Smarter
Smart Containers is a company from Zurich, Switzerland that is working to provide a solution to a problem most people probably don't know exists: Logistics services for the global trade market, specifically focused on the shipping of pharmaceuticals and perishable food. The need for smarter logistics services - and. smarter shipping containers - is becoming apparent as the global trade
How Dona-Partners is Using the Blockchain to Enhance Transparency in the Charitable Donation Market
One of the obvious questions one may have when making a charitable donation is a very basic one: How exactly is my money being used? Enter dona-Partners Limited, a Hong Kong-based startup that is developing its blockchain-powered "Dona platform" that looks inject transparency in the donation market, while also developing a community connected through sharing information and reviews of charitable
Verasity's Decentralized Platform Seeks to Improve Upon YouTube's 'Broken' Ad Model
From stolen data to malware to piracy and the rise of unwanted bots, many of the problems facing the traditional online video model can be traced to one root cause: A "fundamentally broken ad model." So says Verasity, an upstart next-generation video company that is using blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform that forgoes the standard advertising prototype and
How AngelVest is Using Blockchain to Create a 'Democratized Investment Platform'
By utilizing blockchain technology - specifically through smart contracts - Shanghai-based AngelVest aims to create a highly scalable platform that will give all accredited individual investors access to deals they likely wouldn't be able to access, while significantly reducing the fund administration costs for these investors. Founder David Chen spoke at NexChange's Block O2O Global Summit in Hong Kong, where
Kasko2Go Brings Big Data to Insurance Industry With Smartphone-Based Solution
Kasko2Go is a global company utilizing blockchain technology to create a new auto insurance solution that is tailor-made to each individual driver, aimed at cutting costs and speeding up the claim process. Genadi Man, CEO of Kasko2Go, spoke at NexChange's Block O2O Global Summit in Hong Kong about how his company's use of Big Data is creating "smart insurance" that
Overcoming Challenges of Cryptocurrency Marketing and Advertising
There has been a lot of bad blood when it comes to cryptocurrency, ICOs, and the like. A few bad actors have led to widespread mistrust of the entire sector, and advertising giants like Google and Facebook have reacted predictably – by banning ads for cryptocurrency and related products on their platforms. This has led many in the space to