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Coinbase Now Offers a Stablecoin Tied to the US Dollar
About a month after Circle launched its first stablecoin - known as the USD Coin or USDC - Coinbase announced in a blog post that it will now allow U.S. customers outside of New York to buy, sell, send and receive the USDC - making it the first stablecoin offered by the popular cryptocurrency exchange. Users will be able to
Advisory Group Recommends EU Regulate Most Crypto Assets Under Existing Securities Rules
When a federal judge in New York ruled last month that the U.S. government could proceed with a fraud case in which it alleges that an initial coin offering (ICO) is a security, it potentially gave the Securities and Exchange Commission an important precedent as it tries to solve a problem that is vexing regulators across the globe: How exactly
BidiPass Aims to Bring Security to Each and Every Online Transaction
It’s easy to see why some people don’t readily communicate or transact online. With billions of email accounts getting hacked and millions of people getting robbed by identity thieves, security has become a major – and continuously increasing – issue over the past few years. Old-school password protection methods are getting weaker, while Two-Factor Authentication – such as the one
Malaysia to Be the Second Country in Southeast Asia to Introduce the Digital Tax
The upcoming Budget 2019 slated to be announced on 2 November is exceptionally important to provide direction for the country. More importantly, in the direction and support on the growth of the digital sector in Malaysia. peternguyen11 / Pixabay This was confirmed by economists and market observers as the government has commenced tabling the 2019 Budget on 15 October 2018.
A Cloud Hangs Over Robinhood as High-Frequency Trading Controversy Heats Up
Robinhood is one of the most valuable startups in the U.S., achieving "unicorn" status last year by passing the $1-billion valuation mark. But a new report from Bloomberg about the company's controversial practice of selling customers' orders to high-frequency traders threatens not only its reputation, but could also call into question its future revenue stream. The Menlo Park, California-based startup,
A Latin American Angel Investor's Advice On How to Succeed in Tech
Benzinga recently examined Merlin, a jobs platform that matches mostly blue-collar hourly talent with employers looking to hire. One of the co-founders, Güimar Vaca Sittic, a New York-based tech entrepreneur and prolific angel investor who's backed more than 100 companies, shared the successful tech venture's story. Merlin counts on over 50 employees working from Bogotá, Colombia, New York City and
Korea’s KB Financial Scores Patent for Blockchain Cybersecurity App
South Korean finance juggernaut KB Financial has reportedly been awarded a patent for its blockchain-based cybersecurity app, according to Cointelegraph, citing local news source The Digital Times. The new patent centers on a blockchain-cored solution which improves an “essential” security program for fintech apps by separating it from individual apps, thereby enhancing safety. The separation also has the bonus of
The Cybersecurity Talent Gap Is Getting Even Worse
As of 2018, the United States has over 300,000 unfilled cybersecurity related positions. Over 50% of organizations have a skills shortage of cybersecurity talent, up from just 23% back in 2014. According to IT professionals, the shortage in talent problem is cited as the greatest challenge facing their organization across a whole spectrum of industries. For the rest of the
Blockchain Experts React to Roubini’s Explosive Testimony
Following up on my article earlier today about the Senate hearing on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, below are additional comments from blockchain experts about Roubini’s testimony. See their comments below Ken Lang, ndau Collective Member, the world’s first buoyant digital currency designed and optimized for a long-term store of value: “Roubini’s testimony and prepared remarks offer an incorrect characterization of the
Cryptocurrencies Saw About $13 Billion in Value Erased in Three Hours
Stop us if you've heard this one before: Cryptocurrencies suffered massive losses that has placed its record highs of 2017 further in the rearview mirror. In a year of unrelenting terrible news for digital coins, Thursday's results were a doozy: Bitcoin had dropped almost 5 percent in morning trading to $6,303, while XRP and ethereum both plunged more than 10