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The Framing Effect And Bitcoin
  With the recent rally of the crypto market, perspective buyers are seemingly coming out of the woodwork. BTC reached $5000 early Tuesday morning, a price that the market hadn’t seen since November of last year when a BTC hard fork caused the market to tumble from $6000 down to a yearly low of just around $3200. vjkombajn / Pixabay
Barbarians at the Gate? Chinese Banks Ramp up Fintech Spending Amid Growing Competition From Internet Firms
It looks like the Chinese fintech arms race is starting to get interesting. According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese commercial banks have ramped up their fintech investments as the likes of Tencent and slowly “chip away at their businesses.” China Construction Bank reportedly increased fintech development to 2.2% of operating income in 2018 – a 22% climb
Japan Is Getting Serious About Cryptocurrency
After a disastrous 2018, the cryptocurrency market is bouncing back in 2019. Japan is one of the global hubs for cryptocurrency trading, and the Asian nation has been making plenty of cryptocurrency headlines in recent weeks. Two New Players YAHOO JAPAN COR/ADR YAHOY is set to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange, Taotao, starting in May. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: Melv_L
China Green-Lights 197 Blockchain Companies, Including Giants Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent
The Chinese Cyberspace Administration has officially unveiled its first group of registered blockchain service providers, the Cointelegraph reports. The list comprises of 197 companies, from startups like supply chain management firm VeChain and parcel delivery service ParcelX, to collossal initiatives such as Baidu Blockchain Engine and Alibaba Cloud Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). Tencent’s BaaS (TBaaS) platform also made the list, and so
Vestwell, A Retirement-Focused Fintech Company, Raises $30M Series B
Vestwell Holdings, a fintech company competing in retirement and payroll solutions, announced Tuesday it raised $30 million in Series B funding to support investments in technology and client services. What Happened Goldman Sachs GS led the round with additional input from the likes of Point 72, BNY Mellon, Nationwide, Allianz Life Ventures and Franklin Templeton. Primary Venture Partners and other
Crypto Market Surge Takes Experts By Surprise: What It Means
Following the crypto market surge to multi-month highs over the past 48 hours, a number of crypto executives have provided their insights on what could be behind the rally and the implications on the market. vjkombajn / Pixabay Coinmarketcap also showed more than $ 78 billion had been traded in the cryptocurrency space over the last 24 hours, with Bitcoin
Video: Nexyst Co-Founder Dimitri Sogoloff at Hong Kong Blockchain Week
Hong Kong’s largest blockchain event – Hong Kong Blockchain Week – played host to a multitude of noteworthy speakers, including Nexyst co-founder Dimitri Sogoloff. Sogoloff, a former fund manager, shared his thoughts on the current digital asset market and showed the crowd the crowd the ins and outs of making a nuanced investment, from due diligence all the way to
Bitcoin Price Gains 25% YTD Brushing $5,000 Briefly
vjkombajn / Pixabay Bitcoin is once again in the news in spite of critics saying that the crypto-currency was about to go the way of bell bottom pants and 80s hairstyles. The Bitcoin price shot up over $5,000 for the first time since November of 2018, making some people very happy they had held on to their investment. Bitcoin Trading
A 'Heartbeat' For Your Financial Health
MoneyLion, the personal finance app with over 4 million members, wants you to improve your financial health. And just maybe, the best way to do that is to start thinking about finances the same way we think about fitness. The company recently launched the MoneyLion Financial Heartbeat, which they hope will do for personal finance what smartwatches and wearables did
Elizabeth Warren’s Big Ideas on Big Tech
The debate about how to regulate the tech sector is eerily reminiscent of the debate over financial regulation in the early 2000s. Fortunately, one US politician has mustered the courage to call for a total rethink of America's exceptionally permissive merger and acquisition policy over the past four decades. CAMBRIDGE – Displaying a degree of courage and clarity that is