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These 20 startups are putting Hong Kong on the fintech map
Stock trading platforms, P2P lenders, and data security specialists were among the Asian startups to make the Fintech20: Hong Kong, a list of the city's 20 most innovative startups. The list was included in FinTechCity's Fintech50 2016 report. It is the second time the list -- released to coincide with FinTechCity's Money 20/20 Europe event in Copehagen -- has appeared
Video: P2P investing, explained
Peer-to-peer lending has become one of the fastest growing industries right now, but what is it, really? Here’s Killick & Co.’s Tim Bennett on how it works, its key factors, and its pros and cons. Enjoy.
Just how reliable are Alibaba's e-commerce statistics? Doubts are mounting
There is no doubt that China’s internet usage is high, but analysts are increasingly skeptical that it is as stratospheric as top e-commerce companies claim. For example, many merchants on Alibaba’s virtual market place fake sales in order to boost their rankings, according to Shaun Rein, founder of the Shanghai-based China Market Research Group. “The merchants all want five stars,
Asset managers may find high net worth clients more inclined to take advantage of robo-advisors
Speakers at a recent  NexChange Fintech O-2-O Meetup in Hong Kong argued that robo-advisors are at a nascent stage of development and that they will complement rather than displace human asset managers. Indeed, another expert consultant reckons the fund management industry is emphatically embracing robo-advisors as a necessary tool in order to retain clients. They can’t be ignored and it
How TurboTax used design to win the tax wars
Its secret weapon? Focusing on user experience. At a time when everything from ride sharing to food delivery can be done via app, it's no surprise that many Americans are preparing their taxes online—and no company has figured out the online filing space better than TurboTax, the popular do-it-yourself digital tax software. Even as other companies like H&R Block and
Ch-ch-ch-changes: Here comes blockchain
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Blockchain is shaking up fintech and legacy finance firms. The challenge for the industry is balancing the cost-benefit of adopting new technology while appreciating that some existing systems work well, says Lenore Kantor, Chief Launch Officer at Launch Warrior. Kantor spoke with NexChange at a recent LaunchTalks event in New York City.  
Video: Rapid pace of change is keeping fintech firms up at night
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The rapid pace of change from both regulators and client demands is the biggest challenge facing Kishore Saokar, managing partner at Vega Investment Technologies. Saokar spoke with NexChange at a recent LaunchTalks event in New York City.
Bank of England enters the crypto-currency war
It’s not only commercial banks that are fighting back against the activities of fintech disrupters. Central banks too are doing their best to counter the threat of interloper crypto-currencies. “Computer scientists have devised a digital crypto-currency in league with the Bank of England that could pose a devastating threat to large tranches of the financial industry, and profoundly change the
Bank branches aren't going away anytime soon
The rise of Fintech has posed a serious threat to the traditional branch banking model. Neobanks and other online financial services companies are able to avoid the costs of running and staffing physical branches, and they can pass those savings on to their customers. A new study by Bankrate, however, indicates that the branch model will not be going away
Video: Regulators to take a closer look at fintech business models in 2016
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Regulators will be taking a deeper dive into fintech companies to understand how their business models do and don't work with current regulations, says Lee Schneider, counsel at Debevoise & Plimpton. At a recent LaunchTalks event, Schneider said regulators are particularly focused on issues around money laundering and cybersecurity.