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This fintech startup is using a neat trick from the restaurant trade to attract users
Sometimes the best way to attract new customers is to give something away first. For example, restaurants are often happy bear the cost of offering customers free refills of rice or salad if it means getting people through the door. Online stock trading platform 8 Securities has taken this idea and ran with it. The free bowl of rice in this case
Are robots displacing humans in finance? It's not that simple
A common claim that comes at the crossroads of technology and finance is that eventually most people will be replaced by machines. It's not a matter of 'if', it's a matter of 'when'. But is it that simple? Inevitably, the topic of robots vs humans came up during a panel discussion in an event hosted by the Hong Kong Computer
IBM's Watson goes from Jeopardy champion to fintech solution
Watson -- IBM's artificial intelligence (AI) which wowed the world when it won U.S. quiz show Jeopardy! in 2011 -- is now being touted as the next big thing in fintech. Speaking at the Cyberport FinTech Idea Jam on Saturday, Daniel Leung -- IBM's business technology solutions manager for Greater China -- said its current applications in financial services already spanned robo-advisory and
London dominates the Fintech world
London continues to dominate the world of financial technology with more than half of the hottest fintech startups spawning in London, Finbuzz reports. Of the 50 startups to make the Fintech50, a comprehensive annual list of the best new businesses disrupting finance and chosen by leading venture capitalists and top tech execs, 29 were launched in London. The 2016 list includes finance
Can Wealthfront's revamp help it pull ahead of competitors?
For a while Wealthfront had been lauded as one of fintech's hottest new kids on the block, making traditional wealth managers lose sleep. But now the landscape is changing and the robo-advisor is looking more like an underdog in an increasingly crowded space full of scrappy startups and newly tech-savvy incumbents. Two weeks ago it made its latest effort to stand
UK regulators to launch "sandbox" for fintech companies, get chummy with digital currencies
The UK fintech industry marked another milestone this week when the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said it would be setting up a regulatory "sandbox" for fintech companies. Speaking at the Innovate Global Finance Summit in London on Monday, Christopher Woolard -- the FCA's director of strategy and competition -- explained that companies and start-ups that participate in the sandbox will get
This startup lets you invest only in the companies that share your values
Socially responsible investing that makes it easy for you to set the terms. Nearly half of millennials, a much bigger percentage than previous generations, say that they want to invest in line with their values. But it's not always clear how to do that. A new startup called OpenInvest makes it simple: It asks what you care about—climate change, workforce
Video: Payments much slower to catch on than banking in mobile world
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The Federal Reserve Board annual survey of mobile habits reveals that smartphone users are nearly twice as likely to use their devices for banking than for payments. The Consumer and Mobile Financial Services 2016 report also finds that young adults, Hispanics, and non-Hispanic Blacks are more likely to use their phones for payments than the general population. Photo: Jade McClelland
The 10 most active VC investors in fintech
When the CEO of a top bank warns its shareholders that “Silicon Valley is coming,” as J.P. Morgan’s did last year, it’s a good bet that there may be major disruption on its way to the finance industry. While fintech startups have been catching investors’ eyes for some time now—2010 saw 117 VC deals completed in the space—the pace of activity has definitely quickened over
Wall Street considers blockchain for tracking trades on $2T "repo" market
The short-term lending market could be the first major market to see transactions recorded by the ledger made famous by bitcoin. In the latest sign that the financial industry is getting serious about the blockchain, an industry group that tracks securities ownership says it’s working on tools to shift some records for one $2 trillion market to the shared-ledger technology.