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Looking Past Volatility
PIMCO takes a long-term view of markets and economies, one that anchors investment decisions during shorter-term periods of market volatility. Nonetheless, the dramatic return of market volatility has understandably unnerved many investors. On 9 February, Daniel J. Ivascyn, group chief investment officer, and Scott Mather, CIO U.S. core strategies, updated clients on the dynamics at play. They discussed both the
As He's Sworn in as Chairman, Powell Signals Fed Will Go Forward With Rate Hike Despite Market Turmoil
In his prepared remarks during his swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, new Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the Fed will move forward with its plan to gradually increase interest rates, indicating that the agency is not overly concerned about the recent volatility roiling the markets. Powell's support of sticking to the Fed's plan for rate hikes is not unexpected despite
Report: Facebook is Bleeding Young People From its Platform Faster Than Expected
It's pretty well established that as moms, dads, grandmothers and crazy uncles increasingly joined Facebook, younger people became a lot less willing to share their lives on the platform. But a new study by eMarketer shows that young people between the ages of 17 and 24 in the U.S. dropped 9.9 percent in 2017, or equal to 1.4 million total
New AI-Powered ETF Lets Investors Take Long-Term Approach to Blockchain
Over the long term, most investors would do well to approach a boom in a particular asset class or sector with the utmost suspicion. Volatile markets are the purview of the intraday trader, and long-term investments in a rules-based index fund or ETF have shown much more consistent success in returning profit, especially in the long run. So what can
Report: Snap Goes After Instagram's Bottom Line By Offering Free Ads
Capital Markets
Fresh off of shocking Wall Street by ending a miserable 2017 with a stellar 4Q, Snap Inc. is apparently emboldened by its renewed momentum as is taking on its fiercest rival: The company has been contacting advertisers who buy vertical video ads on Instagram and offering them free credits to advertise on Snap instead, Recode reports. Snap confirmed to Recode
'Shipping With Amazon' to Launch in US; UPS, FedEx Investors Sell
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Reports of, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN)'s interest in developing its own delivery service has been around since at least 2015, but now it's reportedly close to launching. What Happened Amazon's delivery service for businesses, dubbed "Shipping with Amazon" (or SWA) consists of the online giant picking up items from businesses and shipping them to consumers, The Wall Street Journal has
Devil's in the Details: Stock Market Tumble Began When Dow Fell 666 Points
Capital Markets
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell another 400 points by Friday afternoon trading in New York, heading for its worst week in nine years, as CNBC notes. The Dow recovered some those losses, while the S&P 500 dropped 1 percent to its lowest level since October and the Nasdaq composite also fell 1.3 percent. The bottom line is that the
Uber and Waymo Settle Technology Lawsuit With a $245M Agreement
Uber Technologies has agreed to a surprise settlement over a lawsuit filed against it by Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo, which accused Uber of stealing its self-driving trade secrets. The settlement, which came on the fourth day of the trial between the two companies, includes an agreement by Uber not use Waymo's technology in its self-driving cars. Uber will also give Waymo
A New App Aims to Take the Guesswork and Anxiety Out of Trading
To the novice trader or even some experienced investors, the biggest hurdle in the path of maintaining a trading career is generally the lack of clear or consistent guidance or means of stock discovery. Broker services like robo advisors and charting, analytics or research platforms are a huge boon for traders who know how to read the charts and key
U.S. Stocks Plunge Again as Investors Remember They're Worried About Rising Inflation
Capital Markets
The wild swings in the U.S. stock market continue. After the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Index hit session lows on Monday, only to see the Dow soar more than 1,000 points on Tuesday to reach its best day since 2016, stocks once again crashed again on Thursday, with the Dow plunging 1,030 points. The decline is being