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Daily Scan: Oil tumbles near seven-year low and stocks stumble
Updated throughout the day December 7, 2015 The S&P 500 fell 0.7% on Monday to 2077.07 as oil tumbled a massive 5.85% to $37.63, near a seven-year low. Last week, OPEC declined to reduce production levels despite a supply glut and Monday traders get even more nervous about forecasts for mild weather. Energy stocks got clobbered: Consol Energy, the No. 1 natural gas
The most important chart you need on oil
<p>THIS is the most important chart in the world today. Crude oil at 6-year lows: $USO $DWTI<br /> — StockTwits (@StockTwits) December 7, 2015</p>
Potential in China's onshore bond markets
Overseas investors keen for China exposure but bewildered by the year's wild fluctuations in the country's equity markets might be better off looking at its bond market. It's the third biggest in the world -- after the U.S. and Japan -- and is increasingly accessible to foreigners. Of the Rmb45 trillion ($7 trillion) onshore credit market, just Rmb765 billion is held by foreign
Daily Scan: Asia markets dragged down by weaker oil; Toshiba down 3% in Tokyo tumble
Updated throughout the day December 8, 2015 Asian markets ended in a sea of red today as oil prices hit their lowest levels since 2009,  bringing down energy-related shares with them. As the Brent Crude fell 5.3%, the Shanghai Composite index and Hong Kong's Hang Seng index dropped 1.9% and 1.3%, respectively. Shares in China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) finished
Why you shouldn't fear a Fed rate hike
The Federal Reserve appears ready to raise interest rates next week. Bond investors fear that could pummel their portfolios. We’re not so sure—and we think moving to the sidelines now is a bad idea. We understand investors’ anxiety. Tighter monetary policy causes most bond prices to fall, especially on Treasurys, investment-grade corporates and others with high interest-rate risk. A rate
Business people are feeling gloomy about 2016 but are still hiring
&nbsp; Two tidbits from two disparate organizations suggest that businesses aren't likely to toast the arrival of 2016 with great enthusiasm. From the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, conducted November 9-13. In the quarterly small business survey, which measures small business owner optimism, the overall Index score dipped from 59 in August to 54 in November, representing the lowest score
Oil prices meltdown heralds new wave of destabilization?
As the recent summit of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) suggests, the ceiling of oil production will not be lowered, despite great overcapacity. What we are witnessing is not just a cyclical shift, but a new secular tend that heralds the demise of the petrodollar era in the Middle East. Meltdown of oil prices After the 1945
Morgan Stanley jobs
Surely no connection? Former British chancellor of the exchequer Alistair Darling is set to join the board of Morgan Stanley, reports the Financial Times. (paywall) [He] played a central role in battling the economic crisis that hit Britain after the crash of 2008, including overseeing the nationalisation of Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group. Separately, the FT writes: Morgan Stanley
Daily Scan: Commodities rout drains stocks
Updated throughout the day December 8, 2015 Energy shares dragged down stocks Tuesday, with the Dow losing 0.9%. The S&amp;P 500 fell 0.7% and the Nasdaq dropped 0.1%. Brent crude oil fell below $40 a barrel for the first time since 2009, and ended the day at $40.26. U.S. crude oil ended the day at $37.51 a barrel. The Stoxx
Weekend U.S. Scan: President Obama says 'threat from terrorism is real but we will overcome it'
December 6, 2015 In a rare televised appearance from the Oval Office, President Barack Obama called an attack at an office holiday party in San Bernardino "an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people." A radicalized man and wife murdered 14 in the San Bernardino attack. The 15-minute speech said that the U.S. had improved its ability to thwart major acts of terrorism