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Sure, Why Not: There Are Now Bananacoins, Which is a Cryptocurrency Tied to Banana Prices
Because this is 2018 and we live in a world where Hooters is now utilizing blockchain, there is now a cryptocurrency called bananacoins, which - as the name implies - is tied to the price of bananas, as Grub Street reports. The people behind the bananacoin describe this as the "first environmentally friendly plantation in Laos which has released a
Reports: Bitcoin Fell Below $10K, But is Now Above $10K, But Could Fall to $8k Soon
Like something ripped straight from the headlines in The Onion, bitcoin has been on a whirlwind price correction, briefly falling below $10,000 on Wednesday for the first time since November, before recovering to hover just above that mark later in the day. Overall, bitcoin is down ~50 percent from its all-time high, as CNBC reports. It has also dropped $30
Today in Blockchain: KFC Buckets, Marathon Patent, Cleantech Solutions
The past few weeks have seen multiple stocks moving sharply on blockchain-related news, a trend that continued Friday. Yum Yum! Brands, Inc., (NYSE: YUM), operator of fast food franchises Taco Bell, KFC, WingStreet and Pizza Hut, rose 1.54 after KFC Canada launched “Bitcoin Bucket”, for which the company will be accepting bitcoin as payment. KFC announced the tongue-in-cheek initiative through
Steven Mnuchin Says Global Powers Must Prevent Cryptocurrencies From Becoming Another 'Swiss Bank Account'
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has warned against cryptocurrencies becoming akin to a digital Swiss bank account that allows people to anonymously stash money, Bloomberg reports. Mnuchin issued his warning while speaking at the Economic Club of Washington on Friday, according to Bloomberg. Under U.S. law, “if you have a wallet to own bitcoins, that company has the same obligation
Warren Buffett Predicts a 'Bad Ending' For Cryptocurrencies
While the big news coming out of CNBC's interview with Warren Buffett on Wednesday is that the shortlist to succeed him as chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway appears to be down narrowed down to two men, the 'Oracle of Omaha' also reiterated his skepticism about cryptocurrencies in a separate interview with CNBC, predicting that things won't end well for
Kodak's Stock Surges 44% After it Announces an ICO
Kodak on Thursday announced a licensing partnership with WENN Digital to launch the KODAKOne image rights management platform that will include KODAKCoin, a "photo-centric cryptocurrency to empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management." And because this is a corporate announcement about an ICO, Kodak's stock immediately surged 44%, as TechCrunch reports. Here's Kodak's description of
Goldman Says Crypto Coins Could Become Viable Currencies in Developing Countries
Goldman Sachs Group asserted in a report on Wednesday that cryptocurrencies could find success as real money in developing countries, according to Bloomberg. The premise of the report, written by strategists Zach Pandl and Charles Himmelberg, is that while the dollar in the U.S. has been stable and "served its purpose relatively well," the same can't be said for the
Helios and Matheson Investors Are Loving the MoviePass ICO Talk
Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc (NASDAQ: HMNY) management mentioned the magic word that sends stock soaring on Tuesday. In an interview with Yahoo, Helios CEO Ted Farnsworth uttered the word “cryptocurrency,” which is all it takes these days to send stocks like Helios skyrocketing 25 percent. When asked if Helios was considering an initial coin offering for MoviePass, Farnsworth and
GOP Healthcare Battle Putting Pressure on Health Startups
The Republicans’ healthcare plan to replace Obamacare was released last week, and it could have major consequences for many health startups that thrived under the Obama administration, reports Business Insider. “Repeal and Replace” has acted practically as a slogan for Republicans, and the effects that the GOP's healthcare plan will have on the population, as well as the newest health
The Future of Small Bank M&A
The following was originally published on Banking On Profit. As we head into New Year’s weekend, I find myself reading a lot of year in review and next year outlook material. I am a big fan of the overviews and outlooks but try to avoid those prognosticators making specific predictions they insist are actionable right now for the low, low