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New York University Becomes First U.S. University to Offer a Major in Blockchain Technology
New York University (NYU) has reportedly become the first college in the United States to offer students the opportunity to major in blockchain technology, as Cointelegraph notes (via CBS New York). The program will be offered by NYU Stern School of Business, which also became the country's first business school to offer an MBA in fintech. Cointelegraph notes that Stern
Ripple Says it's Nearing the Release of its Commercial Crypto Product
Sagar Sarbhai, head of regulatory relations for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East at Ripple, said in an interview with CNBC on Monday that the blockchain startup is expected to release its crypto-based xRapid product "in the next month or so." Ripple's xRapid is a tool that is designed to give banks a much faster way to make cross-border transactions by
The Crypto Hedge Fund Founder Backed By Steve Cohen Looks Ahead
The Benzinga Fintech Summit is a gathering of the top leaders in payments, lending, capital markets, blockchain and cryptocurrencies in San Francisco Nov. 14. Ahead of the Summit, Benzinga is profiling the fintech thought leaders speaking at the event. Our next installment is an interview with Arianna Simpson, founder of Autonomous Partners, a cryptocurrency- and blockchain-focused hedge fund that recently
Blockchain is Changing Insurance Markets Inside and Out
All around the world, and throughout almost every industry, analysts have been puzzling over how the cryptocurrency revolution could eventually come to shape their businesses. That's an important area of investigation, but it also reflects the fact that the wider world may be missing the point. In reality, it is not cryptocurrencies that stand to turn the business world on
Crypto's Plunge is Now Worse Than the Dot-Com Crash
With apologies to Shakespeare: We come here neither to bury cryptocurrencies, nor to praise them, but to just be brutally honest about how things fare right now with our beloved digital coins. Alas, things do not fare well at the moment my friends, countrymen and Romans (if you happen to be Roman). We already mentioned how last week was a
2018 Hong Kong Fintech Week Slated to Be World’s First Cross-Border Fintech Conference
Hong Kong Fintech Week is right around the corner, and apparently, Hong Kong will be taking things all the way up to 11. After wowing an over 4,000-strong crowd of international investors, regulators, and fintech enthusiasts in Hong Kong last year, Hong Kong Fintech Week is set to outdo itself this year by becoming the world’s first cross-border fintech event.
A New York Judge Just Opened the Door For the SEC to Regulate ICOs
A federal judge in New York just gave the Securities and Exchange Commission a potentially big victory, ruling that initial coin offerings can be regulated by U.S. securities laws. U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie in Brooklyn, New York ruled "that the government can proceed with a case alleging that an initial coin offering is a security for purposes of federal
Ethereum Set to Soar Again?
When you think of investment you’re much more likely to think of a suited businessman sat with a briefcase as he eyes up the stock market and invests into a commodity such as oil. However, as Bitcoin fever has rapidly spread across the globe, Bitcoin has birthed a whole new generation of investors ranging from upper-class moguls to the everyday
This Was a Bad Week For Cryptocurrencies
The crypto market just can't catch a break this year. Having already endured a pretty terrible 2018, cryptocurrency investors were dealt another blow this week as Goldman Sachs has canceled its plans to open a cryptocurrency desk "in the foreseeable future," according to a report by Business Insider. The main issue that seems to be putting the brakes on Goldman's
How to Spot Fraudulent ICOs… and Avoid Them [Analysis]
Initial coin offerings are all the rage these days as cryptocurrencies continue to attract enthusiasts and speculative investors, but for each credible ICO, there may be at least 10 shady ones. The Securities and Exchange Commission has shut down numerous fraudulent ICOs over the last couple of years. Regulators have also been issuing guidance for investors who are captivated by