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Passive Investing Hurts Emerging-Market Debt Investors
Think emerging-market debt (EMD) might as well be managed passively? Think again. Over the last 14 years, 69% of EMD active managers beat the J.P. Morgan EMBI Global over three-year rolling periods. Even in 2008, almost 40% of active managers beat their EMD benchmark. Read more at Advisor Perspectives. Photo: Allan Ajifo
Looking Past Volatility
PIMCO takes a long-term view of markets and economies, one that anchors investment decisions during shorter-term periods of market volatility. Nonetheless, the dramatic return of market volatility has understandably unnerved many investors. On 9 February, Daniel J. Ivascyn, group chief investment officer, and Scott Mather, CIO U.S. core strategies, updated clients on the dynamics at play. They discussed both the
Private Equity Investors Keep to Brand Names
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First-time funds maintain stable year-on-year fundraising as overall industry accelerates First-time private equity funds secured $26bn in capital commitments across 226 funds in 2017. This follows historical trends: although the number of first-time funds closed was lower than in 2016, it was in line with industry-wide trends. However, the private equity industry is seeing an unprecedented period of fundraising, and
China A-Shares: Is Your Emerging-Market Manager Ready?
As the Chinese New Year approaches, investors will welcome the year of China A-shares, soon to be included in the MSCI emerging-market (EM) benchmarks. But put careful consideration into determining which funds are actually ready to join the festivities. Index provider MSCI plans a gradual integration for the vast onshore market, whose $8.3 trillion market capitalization is second only to
Huge Growth in Private Equity Co-Investments for Institutional Investors
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New analysis by CEPRES of 3,959 Private Equity Co-Investment deals highlights niche segments outperform for LP investors stevepb / PixabayNEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CEPRES today released on its investment platform the largest ever analysis of private equity co-investments encompassing 3,959 deals over the last 17 years. The report details the returns generated across different regions, market segments and
Multi-Alternative Funds: Alts for One and One for Alts
How multi-alternative funds may eliminate choice overload for investors In my most recent blog, I described how choosing the appropriate alternative strategy (Real estate? Market neutral? Senior loans?) could become the biggest challenge for new investors in alternatives. This is one of the most common questions I receive here at Invesco, along with how to identify the best fund managers
Spotlight on Active Management: Finding Superior Active Managers
Superior managers do exist. We know how they behave and what they look like. Research in behavioral finance over the last two decades suggests that superior managers do exist. We see how superior managers behave, we know what they look like, and we believe we know how to find them. In 2002, University of Maryland professor Russ Wermers found that
SEC Official Issues Warning on Cryptocurrency Investment Funds
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An official at the Securities and Exchange Commission signaled a warning last week about new investment funds that hold cryptocurrency - and whether investors are armed with enough information to safely put money in them. Speaking last Thursday at the ICI Securities Law Developments Conference in Washington, D.C., Dalia Blass, the SEC's director for the division of investment management, addressed
Is Now the Time to Invest in Alternatives?
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The era of low rates and accommodative monetary policy may be coming to an end I recently have been traveling around the country participating on a panel titled: “Alternatives: Time to Buy When Others Are Selling?” Spoiler alert — my answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” There are two reasons why. First, looking back over the past 20
Fund Managers Get Bullish
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Summary: Global equities have risen 18% so far in 2017 and yet, until this month, fund managers have held significant amounts of cash and been, at best, only modestly bullish on equities. All of this has suggested lingering risk aversion. That has now changed. Cash levels have fallen to the lowest level in 4 years. Allocations to global equities have