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Bruce Berkowitz on Value Investing, Investment Philosophy and Valuation
An interview and Q&A with Fairholme Capital’s Bruce Berkowitz. In this interview, Bruce discusses his approach to investing and how he values a company. Bruce also talks about sectors he is focusing on and value investing. Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Fairholme Capital's Bruce Berkowitz: Value Investing, Investment Philosophy And Valuation Transcript At Fairholme we tend not to
Stephen Schwarzman: Investment Strategies, Creating Blackstone and Life (2018 & 1999)
An interview with billionaire private equity titan and founder of Blackstone, Stephen Schwarzman. In this interview, Stephen discusses his unusual investment strategies and creating the firm, Blackstone. Stephen also talks about his life, worries for the future and advice to young people. Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Stephen Schwarzman: Investment Strategies, Creating Blackstone And Life (2018 & 1999)
Video: Stephen Yacktman on What Got Him Interested in Investing
Stephen Yacktman On What Got Him Interested In Investing This article was originally published in ValueWalk.
Video: Steve Schwarzman Reflecting On Blackstone And His Life
A interview with Billionaire Steve Schwarzman. In this interview Steve reflects on the success that has come to him in private equity and life. The interview covers his early life and coaches who helped to shape him. His time at Yale, Harvard and Lehman Brothers and also earlier jobs in finance. Another point of discussion is Blackstone and how it
Warren Buffett: A Big Bank Account Doesn’t Make You Successful – Great Video
In this segment from ‘Big Problems. Big Thinkers,’ billionaire investor Warren Buffett reflects on what success means to him. Warren Buffett: A Big Bank Account Doesn't Make You Successful Warren Buffett This article was originally published in ValueWalk.
Video: Henry Kravis, the Titan That Rocked Wall Street
Henry Kravis. The name seems to conjure images of great wealth, mammoth deals, and the Gordon Gekko-esque excesses of the go-go 80’s. With good reason – ever since he left Bear Sterns to do “bootstraps” with his cousin George Roberts and their mentor Jerome Kohlberg, Kravis has essentially changed the landscape of finance, pioneering a sector called private equity and
Video: Charlie Munger’s Top 10 Rules For Success
He’s an American business magnate, lawyer, investor, and philanthropist. He’s Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, the diversified investment corporation chaired by Warren Buffett. He's also the chairman of the Daily Journal Corporation, based in Los Angeles, and a director of Costco Wholesale Corporation. He has a net worth of 1.3 billion USD. He's Charlie Munger and here are his Top
Video: Carlyle’s David Rubinstein shares his views about the Brexit
Here’s an interesting video. Speaking with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker, Carlyle Group co-founder and co-CEO David Rubenstein says that he thinks it unlikely that Britain would actually leave the EU. While the people in the video’s comment section definitely disagree, seeing Britain eventually choosing to remain isn’t entirely implausible. Rubenstein brings up the point that Scotland, where a fair bit of
Video: Arnott: There’s some ‘silliness’ in smart-beta land
Research Affiliates’ Rob Arnott discusses how valuations shape long-term future returns. Arnott: There’s Some ‘Silliness’ in Smart-Beta Land A proliferation of products has blurred the lines between “smart beta” and factor-based investing, says Research Affiliates’ Rob Arnott. This article originally appeared in ValueWalk.
Video: Asset management in the post crisis era
The FT’s Philip Stafford and Arjun Singh-Muchelle of The Investment Association discuss how the post-crisis trading reforms are affecting asset managers. Asset Management In The Post Crisis Era This article originally appeared in ValueWalk. Photo: Victor Villanueva