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Bain Capital Approaches $10 Billion for Latest Fund
Bain Capital has raised $9.4 billion for its 12th flagship buyout vehicle, according to Bloomberg, surpassing both a $7 billion target and an $8 billion hard cap. The additional $1.4 billion will reportedly come from the firm itself, representing a bigger contribution than is typical for the Boston-based buyout shop. The news is yet another example of the current red-hot
BlackRock Automation Expert Says Factors Must Be About More Than Backtesting
When BlockRock’s Andrew Ang looks at factor investing and market cycles, he thinks there is nothing new under the sun. Factors and market cycles have always existed, he told an audience at the Morningstar ETF Conference. It’s just a matter of how to recognize them in an active manager’s performance stats and extract them into an investment vehicle. Source: BlackRock
Botox and Bikinis: KKR Buys Laser Clinics Australia for $650M
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An Australian company that specializes in perfecting bikini lines has completed a deal with a private equity giant. By Kohlberg Kravis Roberts ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsKKR has reportedly paid $650 million for Laser Clinics Australia, a provider of laser hair removal, cosmetic injections and other services, from the company's founders and The Growth Fund, which had backed the
Radioactive II: Could the Tide Finally Be Turning for Active vs. Passive?
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Key Points Both active and passive management styles have a home in investors' portfolios. Passive continues to outperform active, but we may have seen the inflection point. Plunging correlations and wider sector dispersion both bode well for active styles. I'm often asked how I invest my own money and often imbedded in the question is whether I prefer active or
Cramer Finds a Way to Explain Stock Diversification With Fantasy Football
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What does fantasy football have to do with stock picking? Quite a lot actually, CNBC's Jim Cramer explained during his daily "Mad Money" show. A strong fantasy football team should be built in the same fashion of a stock portfolio. The Perfect Lineup Key to any fantasy football team would be to include three top-notch wide receivers — or in stock
Investor Spotlight: The Rapid Rise of Thoma Bravo
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It’s possible that the two firms most responsible for the rise of the LBO in the 1980s were KKR and Golder Thoma. While KKR famously pioneered the hostile mega-buyout, assuming the role of barbarian at the gate, Golder Thoma developed a different tactic: the buy-and-build strategy, using one company as a platform for add-ons as a way to drive growth.
On Value in the Emerging Markets
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“Value” is an over-utilized term within the investment management industry. A wide range of fund managers employing disparate strategies claim to utilize “value disciplines” or to follow a “value approach.” In truth, there is no standardized definition for the notion of “value investing.” The progenitors of the value discipline, Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, never themselves used the term to
GMO: Quarterly Letter
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Emerging Value and Margin of Superiority Why would a value manager buy more of an asset that has just gone up? Ben Inker Long-time GMO clients have become accustomed to a certain kind of behavior from our asset allocation portfolios. If they are reading stories about how well an asset class has been doing, chances are pretty good that their
Fund Manager Allocations
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Summary: Global equities have risen 7% in the past 3 months and 16% in the past year, yet fund managers continue to hold significant amounts of cash, suggesting lingering doubts and fears. They have become more bullish towards equities, but not excessively so: less than half expect better profits and a better economy in the next 12 months. Allocations to
K.K.R. Bets Big on Health and Wellness
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Private-equity titan Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (K.K.R.) is focusing heavily on health and wellness, demonstrated by two different deals made this week. In addition to a $2.8 billion acquisition of WebMD, K.K.R. has also taken a majority stake in the Nature’s Bounty Company, reports The New York Times. K.K.R.’s portfolio company Internet Brands agreed to purchase WebMD, with the deal occurring