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Secular stagnation thesis is bunk
Capital Markets
Whether or not the U.S. is entering secular stagnation is a hot topic among economists. Broadly, it's defined as when output is pretty flat or when unemployment is chronic and growing. Fears about it's arrival are not new: The secular stagnation thesis in a Keynesian form was popularized by Harvard University economist Alvin Hansen [back in 1938], points out Professor Steve Hanke,
Weekend Scan Asia: Equities finish mixed ahead of the holidays; Oil prices soar on surprise US inventory drop
Capital Markets
December 26, 2015 Britain’s Santa Claus rally lost a bit of steam coming into the Christmas break but a strong showing by oil majors helped the FTSE 100 finish in positive territory. At the close, the index was up 0.22% at 6,254.64, while its French counterpart, the CAC 40, slid 0.24% to 4,663.18. The German markets were closed all day.
10 issues that will shape the world in 2016
Capital Markets
  These are the stories that will dominate the news in the year to come. The end of 2015 leaves many of the year's most significant issues still very much in flux, including the reform of U.S. gun control laws, the fates of thousands of Syrian refugees, and the legal status of massive startups like Uber and Airbnb. Here's our
Video: The 25 best films of 2015
It may not have featured some of my favorites and I think it’s a travesty that "Mad Max: Fury Road "only came in at tenth, but this gorgeously-made video countdown from Rolling Stone’s David Erlich will surely peak your appetite for 2015’s cinematic offerings over the holidays. Check it out. Photo: Anthony Kelly
Video: Evo’s car of the year 2015
Ferrari’s glorious 458 Speciale won the title last year, but can its turbocharged cousin make it two in a row for the prancing horse? See how it stacks up against the best that Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren – even Honda – has to offer in evo magazine’s beautifully-set and spectacularly-shot automotive deathmatch. Enjoy. Photo: Bryan Janes
Video: Do you believe in miracles? Even if you don't, watch this incredible clip
ICYMI... Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. #MiracleInMotown #GBvsDET — NFL (@NFL) December 4, 2015
Video: The top 10 business movies of all time
Sometimes success in business demands the ruthlessness of Gordon Gecko, the tenacity of Jerry Maguire, and the bare-faced ambition of Charles Foster Kane. Which movie characters have inspired your financial career? Here, WatchMojo counts down the greatest moments when the world of business has been recreated for the silver screen. Photo: quapan
Video: The greatest economic collapses in history
Capital Markets
Want to feel a little better about the 2008 financial meltdown? Sit back and watch this brief film on the worst economic disasters known, starting with the Roman Empire. Grab yourself a cup of wine. Happy holidays. The Greatest Economic Collapses in History from on Vimeo. Featured photo: Guillermo Alonso 
Video: Have a Paul Tudor Jones Christmas
Paul Tudor Jones is my kind of billionaire. Every year, the Tudor Investment Corp chief spreads a little Christmas cheer around Greenwich by holding a massive light show on his sprawling Belle Haven estate. It's all open for the public -- all you need to do is drive up to his house, tune in to a local radio station so you could listen
Video: Bill Gross on why startups succeed
Venture Capital
Earlier this year serial entrepreneur and investor Bill Gross gave a TED talk on why some startups succeed and others fail. Curious to understand what it was that separated the wheat from the chaff, Gross gathered data from hundreds of companies, his own and other people's, and ranked each company on five key factors. The one factor that stands out surprised