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As the money gets tighter, VC demands get more absurd
Venture Capital
Startup valuations maybe getting more reasonable, but the requests they receive from venture capitalists are not. In fact, the two might even be inversely correlated. Re/code lists just four examples of just how out-of-hand VCs are getting as the power balance shifts from the entrepreneurs to the ones with the cash. As the rout in valuations continues, VCs' heavy-handedness with
More and more corporates are turning to startups for innovation
Venture Capital
As big corporations feel the pressure to innovate, more of them are setting up startup programs to get them out of a creative rut. Forbes  reports that the number of corporate accelerator programs reached unprecendented levels in 2015. In the past year, 31 programs were launched globally with pretty much an even split between the U.S.(10), Europe and Middle East (11),
Aussie firm ranks as Asia's fastest growing fintech startup
When it comes to fintech in Asia Pacific it's Hong Kong and Singapore that seem to be getting the most attention, yet it was an Australian startup that clinched the top spot for fintech in the latest 2015 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific. The list, which tracks the fastest growing tech companies in the region, ranked Sydney-based Prospa -- an
Weekend U.S. Scan: President Obama says 'threat from terrorism is real but we will overcome it'
Capital Markets
December 6, 2015 In a rare televised appearance from the Oval Office, President Barack Obama called an attack at an office holiday party in San Bernardino "an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people." A radicalized man and wife murdered 14 in the San Bernardino attack. The 15-minute speech said that the U.S. had improved its ability to thwart major acts of terrorism
Uber's enemies close in as rivals form pact
Venture Capital
We have already reported extensively  on the anti-Uber alliance, and on Thursday it was made official.  The ride-sharing app's  global rivals - Lyft, Didi Kuaidi, GrabTaxi and Ola - have now formed a blood pact covering every market where Uber operates. In a statement on behalf of the Alibaba-Softbank-backed hunting pack, Lyft said: Together, these companies now cover nearly all of Southeast
That awkward moment when the government spent $374,087 to study senior citizen dating habits
  Talk about a difference between fantasy and reality. It was just a few weeks ago that the International Monetary Fund predicted that Saudi Arabia would likely be bankrupt within the next five years. Saudi Arabia’s financial position is deteriorating rapidly, and the government is burning through cash like a coked-up rock star. Just a few months ago, the Saudi
Cybersecurity is no longer an IT issue
Cybersecurity is not the biggest threat facing the financial institutions of tomorrow, it’s the biggest threat facing the financial institutions of today, say industry professionals, and it needs to be tackled differently. Speaking at ASIFMA's annual conference in Hong Kong’s Conrad Hotel on Thursday, Ben Wootliff, managing director at Hong Kong-based risk advisory Control Risks said: Cybersecurity is no longer
Career Insights: Good mentors can make or break you
Asset Management
  Amit Kapoor has been blessed with great mentors. One name might ring a bell: Mario Gabelli.   Kapoor’s route as an analyst working closely with the investing great isn’t obvious. It began in India where he worked for a luxury hotel and landed him unexpectedly in business school where Gabelli was often a guest speaker.   Kapoor, who now
Basecamp founder blasts VCs in satirical press release
Venture Capital
Unicorns have gone from idealistic fantasies to a joke for many in Silicon Valley. Basecamp founder Jason Fried jumped on the trend of blasting venture capitalists for their flippant valuations of companies in a Medium post Tuesday. Much like the recent anonymous book "Iterating Grace" that rips on the power and influence of VCs in the startup world, Fried wrote a
JPMorgan teaming up with OnDeck Capital for lending
JPMorgan won't be left behind. The biggest U.S. bank is tying itself to OnDeck Capital, one of the biggest online lenders, to offer small business loans. The pilot project will launch in January, with Chase, the main U.S. banking unit for JPMorgan, offering loans of up to $250,000 to its 4 million small business customers through the OnDeck platform, reports