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Finance Twitter’s books of the year
Finance Twitter is awesome. Not only is it populated by hilarious future curmudgeons, it also happens to be filled with insightful and incredibly finance-savvy hilarious future curmudgeons who mostly hate Zero Hedge. One of its denizens, Columbia Threadneedle Investments’ Toby Nangle, recently compiled a list of 81 books that the group thought great enough to recommend to others. Here are
The top 3 occupations to get you arrested in China
  Incarceration isn’t exactly something most people look for, but for the loose cannons here on NexChange, here’s a little something for you. In light of Beijing’s amplified crackdown on executives, bureaucrats, and various enemies of the state, we’ve compiled a brief list of occupations that are likely to get you in trouble with the Communist Party. If we missed
Daily Scan Asia: Asian shares climb; Commodity prices edge higher
Capital Markets
Updated throughout the day December 29, 2015 Climbing commodity prices pushed Asian shares higher on Wednesday. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index is currently up 0.32%, China’s Shanghai Composite is up 0.17%, and Japan’s Nikkei 225 is up 0.53%. Wall Street’s negative lead however seems to have taken a lot of oomph from the market and the resurgent yen looks set
Video: Elena Ambrosiadou's Maltese Falcon
Feeling a bit bummed spreading comps and editing pitchbooks this holiday season? Here’s a quick dash of motivation, care of IKOS Asset Management’s Elena Ambrosiadou and her majestic 88-meter sailing yacht, the Maltese Falcon. Enjoy. Photo: Vanessa Hall
Chinese hedge fund launches swell as count nears 25,000!
Hedge Funds
Chinese Hedge fund – As looser regulation has swept across China, new hedge fund launches are surging at an unheard of pace. This all comes at a time when some of the larger hedge fund managers have “gone incommunicado,” or worse yet, “missing” amid a government crackdown. Asset management association notes dramatic increase in numbers of Chinese Hedge fund launches
Innovation in emerging and frontier markets
Capital Markets
Innovation Happens Globally While many investors consider innovation to be the province of Silicon Valley and other high-tech centers in developed markets around the world, the reality is very different. A look at where intellectual property is being created gives us some indication that we have to broaden our horizons as investors if we want to take full advantage of
Daily Scan Asia: Asia gears up for a mixed open; Oil prices continue to dive
Capital Markets
Updated throughout the day December 29, 2015 China and Japan look set to track Wall Street’s losses on Tuesday while Hong Kong seems to be geared up for a roughly flat open. Futures on the CSI 300 and the Nikkei 225 suggest 3.05% and 0.42% slides respectively, while contracts on the Hang Seng Index hint at a 0.04% gain. Once
Daily Scan America: JPMorgan to raise deposit rates; oil craters, stocks slip
Capital Markets
Updated throughout the day December 28, 2015 So much for the Santa Claus rally. Crude oil tumbled 3.75% to $36.67 on supply glut fears and took the rest of the markets with it: The Dow Jones Industrials dipped 0.14% to 17,528.27; the S&P 500 trimmed 0.22% to 2,056.60, and the Nasdaq lost 0.15% to 5,040.99. Trading is light this short
What we can learn from Theranos -- the top 6 signs that a startup might be sputtering
Venture Capital
Theranos, the wannabe disrupter of medical technology, seems to be built on a shaky foundation, according to a lengthy follow-up by The Wall Street Journal to its original October 2015 blockbuster. The people at the top don't have any medical training and people who do understand the company have spurned it. Nonetheless, Theranos has raised a total of $750 million and has been
RBC 'less enthusiastic' about alternative investment stocks in 2015
Asset Management
This article was written on January 15, 2015. Instead of posting it we decided to wait a year and see how accurate the forecasts would be. No revisions have been made to the original draft. The coming year might not be a good one for alternative asset manager stocks, a report from RBC Capital Markets says, as “no amount of