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Can exercise really make you grow new brain cells?
Wendy Suzuki, was on a river rafting trip in Peru, when she had a major wakeup call. Suzuki found that she was the weakest person on the expedition, an observation that bothered her given that she was only in her mid-thirties at the time. But Suzuki also wasn't all that surprised. A professor of neural science and psychology at New
What we're reading: The dissection of labor and China’s difficult neighbor
Here's a selection of some of this week's big reads around the web: The Uber-ization of work. When talking about the impact of technology on employment, the conversation nearly always ends up being about how automation is likely to  affect our livelihoods. But what of the more immediate threats to traditional work brought about by the shared economy? The LA Times
The week ahead: Brace yourselves, earnings are coming
Capital Markets
If the last week’s market volatility wasn’t enough for you, things could be heating even more next week as a fresh round of earnings is joined by more macro data. China’s trade balance data comes out on Wednesday and will likely be a highlight of the week, but we also have a few other significant data dumps on the horizon.
Microsoft is all about that BaaS
It has been three months now since Microsoft teamed up with blockchain software firm ConSensys to launch a new blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) on its cloud computing platform, Microsoft  Azure. The new platform is the tech giant's way of getting a head start on perhaps one of the most disruptive technologies to emerge since the dawn of the internet, and its ecosystem
Why we’re not panicking about China
Capital Markets
The first few days of 2016 have seen a return to the type of volatility global markets experienced in the third quarter of 2015, and the root cause seems to be the same: concern over the sustainability and trajectory of Chinese economic growth. Our Templeton Global Macro team believes many of these fears may be overblown, and feels that while
How to let go of a goal (and still feel good about yourself)
If you’re in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions, you may notice that, over time, the list becomes oddly familiar. You’re still trying to lose the same 10 lb. or finish your degree, or start that business. Truly, this could be the year it happens, but what if you decide it isn’t? How can you let go of a
Weekend Scan Asia: German assault claims; Egypt terror attack; China fallout
Capital Markets
Updated:  14:00 HKT January 9, 2016 Global equity markets endured a week-long New Year hangover, with painkillers compounding rather than alleviating the misery. China's brand-new circuit breaker was anything but soothing, as investors rushed to the exit before it could kick in. Trading on the Shanghai exchange ended early on two days, most notably on Thursday after less than half-an-hour. The debacle
Original thinkers rather than winners
Simon Kuper has spent many years writing about sports and the arts for the Financial Times and says that one nice thing about his job is that "I sometimes get to interview original thinkers. This fascinating category of people is distinct from 'winners' or 'leaders'. He noticed they share several characteristics: They tend to find their passion early. They aim to
Japanese women tap crowdfunding for new businesses
Venture Capital
Female entrepreneurs frustrated by Japan's macho corporate culture are turning to crowdfunding to finance projects and enterprises. After a year of diluted equality legislation, reduced promotion targets and a court ruling that women must take their husbands’ surnames, it seems some of Japan’s women are betting against prime minister Shinzo Abe’s so-called womenomics program and taking their chances on crowdfunding, writes
London’s fintech startups are booming, securing $3.6 billion of VC funding in 2015
The UK’s technology sector secured a record amount of venture capital funding in 2015, with London-based companies accounting for 63% of the total investments, reports FinBuzz. The figures, compiled by London & Partners for a press release published yesterday, 6 January, reveal a 70% increase on the already record figure of $2.1 billion that was raised in 2014. They also demonstrate