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Six Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Work Slump
Sometimes it’s more than just a case of the Mondays. When you don’t want to go to work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday–or any day–you could be in a slump. Luckily, it’s not uncommon,  and it is something you can fix, says Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder. “Fifty-five percent  of workers feel they have a job, not a career,”
P&G Shareholders Claim Victory in Proxy Fight Against Nelson Peltz; Activist Investor Not Conceding Yet
Proctor & Gamble said on Tuesday that "based on a preliminary vote count" its shareholders have won its expensive proxy battle against activist investor Nelson Peltz, but Peltz's Trian Partners insist that the vote is still too close to call, as CNBC reports. Considered the biggest proxy battle in history, the two sides spent at least $60 million on the cause, while
From Multi-Tasking to the Bathroom: Survey Reveals What People Do During Conference Calls
Forty-five percent of workplace meetings in the U.S. are conducted via conference calls, with more than 90 percent of employees taking part in at least one conference call every week, according to a recent survey conducted by Communications-as-a-Service company Voxbone. Voxbone offers on-demand virtual numbers and SMS services for businesses in more than 60 countries. As part of a rebrand, the
3 of the Year's Biggest Trends in Fintech
After a period of calm at the beginning of the year, fintech has resumed its whirlwind ascent: growing bigger, bagging more investments, and disrupting even more industries. Some of its subsets however appear to be doing more of the growing, bagging, and disrupting than the others. Here are three of them, listed in no particular order. Biometrics: With identity theft
China’s 19th Party Congress: A New Cycle?
Considered the most important political event in China, the National Congress of the Communist Party, held once every five years, has the potential to reshape the political landscape of personnel, policy and institutions for the next decade. The 19th Party Congress, set to begin on 18 October, could introduce even greater change: Depending on how much President Xi Jinping succeeds
France's VC Scene Is on Fire (in a Good Way)
Venture Capital
When France’s newly elected president Emmanuel Macron swooped into office in June, he did so on a ticket of change. He vowed to reform some the nation’s stringent labour laws and create a business and investment environment in which entrepreneurs and startups could thrive. Macron ran his campaign not dissimilar to a tech startup; his party, En Marche!, was only
This Year's Noble Prize Winner in Economics is Also Good at Picking Stocks
Capital Markets
University of Chicago professor Richard Thaler was awarded this years' Noble Prize in Economics for his contributions to behavioral economics and finance, a field which he helped to found. But it turns out that Thaler, the Charles R. Walgreen Distinguished Service Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, has also been able to leverage
A Primary Beneficiary of the Ongoing E-Commerce Boom Will Be PayPal
Capital Markets
There is one company that is best positioned to take full advantage of the "inexorable trend" of payments moving from offline to online channels: Paypal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL), analysts at Bank of America commented in a research report. The firm's Jason Kupferberg maintains a Buy rating on PayPal's stockrating with a price target boosted from $71 to $78. Global e-commerce penetration as of 2016 stood
SK Planet Japan, GATCOIN Announce Partnership to Develop Blockchain Driven Loyalty Program
SK Planet Japan aims to capitalise on bukagai using GATCOIN’s blockchain driven, branded loyalty points program and targeted mobile branding. The bakugai are coming and SK Planet Japan (SKPJ) is planning to bring them into their scores of thousands of stores across Japan, using technology from GATCOIN. Branded, blockchain driven loyalty programs will be married to highly specific mobile marketing
Top Six Banks Spend $26 Billion in Total on Technology
Technological prowess is becoming a powerful point of differentiation for participants in the US government bond markets. As the costs to drive a successful trading business in the niche have grown to significant proportions, a window is opening for smaller niche players, however, as the human touch is still required to succeed. As the US Federal Reserve begins to execute