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StanChart's James Dolphin at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2017
Led by InvestHK and NexChange, Hong Kong Fintech Week 2017 gathered over 4,000 attendees and more than 300 speakers from around the globe. Among the speakers was Standard Chartered Bank’s Chief Information Officer for Retail, Private Banking, and Wealth Management, James Dolphin, and in his speech, he talked about changing the internal culture of banking to prepare it for the
Rising Star Nehal Chopra Fades as SEC Settlement Reveals Special 'Help'
Hedge Funds
The secret to hedge fund star and “Tiger cub” Nehal Chopra may now be revealed. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, when Chopra was delivering her best returns also correlated with a period of time when she was receiving “confidential information and advice” from her husband, Paritosh Gupta. The help Chopra had involved the production of investor letters, marketing
Report: Hedge Funds Are Gearing Up to Bet Against Bitcoin
CME Capital's announcement last month that it would be launching a bitcoin futures contract by the end of the year has been seen as another step toward mainstreaming cryptocurrencies by introducing bitcoin into the same market as oil and gold. However, CME Capital's planned futures contract has also galvanized hedge funds to prepare shorting bitcoin, according to Bloomberg. Speaking to
Texting Turns 25: A Look at its Transformative Role in US Commerce
The text message turned 25 Sunday, and in its quarter century of life, the medium has proven a critical and influential force, particularly on Wall Street. Since Vodafone Group Plc (ADR) (NASDAQ: VOD) carried that first text — a GIF-less, emoji-less “Merry Christmas” from the PC of one British engineer to the phone of a Vodafone colleague — the 160-character
Hayman Capital Still Waiting to Be Served Legal Documents
Hedge Funds
Hayman Capital founder Kyle Bass sits in his Dallas, TX office and waits. He is expecting to be served court documents which will likely trigger a discovery request deep into the workings of United Development Fund (UDF), an investment trust that recently sued Bass and Hayman Capital. But those papers have not arrived as of Monday afternoon, a hedge fund
Is Now the Time to Invest in Alternatives?
The era of low rates and accommodative monetary policy may be coming to an end I recently have been traveling around the country participating on a panel titled: “Alternatives: Time to Buy When Others Are Selling?” Spoiler alert — my answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” There are two reasons why. First, looking back over the past 20
Josh Brown: The 'Forgotten' Americans Are 'Forsaken' By Republicans' Tax Bill
It's become very clear that the Republicans' proposed tax reform bill - which has cleared all major hurdles on its way to being passed - is very unpopular with most Americans, who see it as a boon to corporations and the wealthiest citizens at the expense of the middle-class and lower-income populace. In fact, the legislation - which is also
Another Day, Another Wall Street Icon Slams Bitcoin
The only thing that now seems to happen more regularly than bitcoin hitting a new record price is having another Wall Street A-Lister sound the alarm about the world's trendiest cryptocurrency. Add Vanguard founder and passive investing legend Jack Bogle to the list of Wall Street heavy hitters who have come out against bitcoin. While Jamie Dimon has called bitcoin
The Year of the Breach: A Guide to the Major Hacks of 2017
Uber, which is working to vindicate itself under new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi following a string of scandals, faced a setback after it was revealed by Bloomberg in a Nov. 21 report that the company was a victim of a hacking incident in October 2016 — and chose to cover it up by paying $100,000 to the hackers. The personal data,
What Is a Hedge Fund? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Hedge Funds
For many entry-level investors, hedge funds are shrouded in mystery and exclusivity. However, despite an image of complexity and secrecy, the basics around hedge funds are actually quite easy to understand. Today’s infographic from highlights some of those key points. Hedge Fund Basics Hedge funds are generally structured in a similar manner to venture capital funds: General partner: This