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A Trader's Guide to This Q3 Earnings Season
Third-quarter earnings season is officially underway, with JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) and Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) issuing their reports Thursday, and Wall Street analysts are discussing what investors should expect. Earnings And Revenue Beats Investors should expect S&P 500 companies to deliver an overall Q3 earnings beat of roughly 2 percent, Bank of America analyst Savita Subramanian said earlier this week. Consensus S&P 500 EPS
Japanese ICO Ban 'a Definite Possibility'
Here’s an interesting take on Japan’s potential coin offering policy. According to Forbes, the Land of the Rising Sun may not be as ICO-friendly as most people think: Contrary to popular opinion, many of Japan’s industries are risk-averse and conservative, and he thinks a crackdown on new crypto coins is still a “definite possibility.” “Japan’s not really ICO-friendly. [Regulators] are
Emerging Markets Outlook: Constructive, But for Investors the Work Begins
While PIMCO’s cyclical outlook is cautious overall, our outlook for emerging markets ex China(EM) is more constructive. We expect further improvement in the EM macro picture as most emerging economies are at a different stage of the economic cycle than developed economies and they are still benefiting from relatively easy global policy conditions. Both of these should support a rebound
VC Activity Revs up as Electric Vehicles Prepare to Go Mainstream
Recent weeks have seen an acceleration—pardon the pun­—of news and developments related to electric vehicles. There's been everything from China setting EV sales quotas to vacuum and hair dryer maker Dyson spending billions to get in on the action. A cavalcade of EV-related announcements out of Europe includes plans for massive battery factories, high-speed EV chargers appearing at gasoline stations,
U.S. Congressman Accuses Jared Kushner of Profiting By Not Disclosing Stake in Startup
Jared Kushner "enriched himself" by failing to disclose his investment in a New York-based real estate tech startup when he was brought on to be a White House adviser to his father-in-law Donald Trump, a United States Congressman alleges in an interview with Newsweek. Congressman Ted Liu (D- California) tells Newsweek that Kushner could make "millions" by failing to disclose his investment in
Goldman Sachs is Deciding What to Do With its Stake in Harvey Weinstein's Studio
As the fallout continues from the explosive sexual harassment allegations made against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein - allegations made by dozens of women that span decades - Goldman Sachs is now debating what to do with its small stake in Weinstein's film studio, as Bloomberg reports. Goldman was an initial investor in Weinstein Co., the film studio founded by Harvey and
Looking For Value? Try Outside the U.S.
Familiar advice this year, as it pertains to equity investing, includes the value is lagging here in the U.S. and if investors want to find value, it is best to look at international stocks. One exchange-traded fund that can help investors find rewards with value while adding international diversity to their portfolios is the Cambria Global Value ETF (NYSE: GVAL). While many value
WTF: Equifax May Have Been Hacked Again
A couple of days after the Wall Street Journal reported that the massive security breach that compromised sensitive information belonging to about 145.5-million American consumers also included roughly 10.9 million drivers license numbers, comes word that Equifax may have just suffered another hack. Ars Technica reports that Randy Wilson, an independent security analyst, visited the Equifax site on Wednesday evening to
Jamie Dimon Says American Workers Will Be the True Beneficiaries of Corporate Tax Reform
Despite controlling the White House and both chambers of congress, the Republicans' failure to pass a repeal of Obamacare, leading President Trump to begin gutting the health care law through executive order, has now caused some skepticism about the GOP's ability to pass the comprehensive corporate tax reform that - like the Obamacare repeal - was a centerpiece of Trump's
An ETF Levered to the Cryptocurrency Trade
The intersection of cryptocurrencies and exchange traded products, at least in the U.S., remains unrealized. Several exchange traded funds issuers have filed plans with the Securities and Exchange Commission for bitcoin funds, but some of those plans have recently been scuttled due in part to bitcoin futures not yet being available. There are some ETFs with bitcoin exposure and, not