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AI Text Generator Could Spread Worrisome Fake News
geralt / Pixabay Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning have contributed to increased automatization. AI is also widely used in medicine, science, education and many other areas. AI operates our digital assistants and even works as a chatbot for many online stores. Now a company backed by Elon Musk called Open AI has developed an AI text
Fannie and Freddie Face Their Fates
  Fannie and Freddie Face Their Fates China Pledging Stimulus Not Reforms Bank Mergers Are Back on the Table   The 2008 global financial crisis brought about a number of historic market interventions. Most are now fodder for the history books: emergency loans have been repaid and stimulus funds spent. But one vestige remains. The agencies that support the U.S.
Hong Kong-Based Startup to Launch ‘World’s First Whole-Of-Industry Blockchain Platform for Financial Services’
Hong Kong Blockchain Week is happening March 4-8, 2019. Click here to meet 3,000 plus blockchain industry leaders. After a successful pilot in Sydney, Hong Kong-based neutral infrastructure provider BC Gateways is looking to “fundamentally change the way information is distributed” across the global finance industry. According to a press release, BC Gateways is slated to launch The Gateway, a
Top 10 Best Startup Cities In The World: Check Them Out
rawpixel / Pixabay Startups have been mushrooming in hundreds of cities around the world. But some cities have the right conditions and regulations to attract entrepreneurial talent and help them flourish. Entrepreneurs want to be in cities that offer a supportive environment for innovation. Silicon Valley in California remains one of the world’s biggest startup hubs. But some other cities have
Assessing Valuations in India's Stock Market
When considering the prospects for India's stock market in the coming year, the primary determinants of performance at an aggregate level are the outlook for growth and underlying valuations. Assuming India's central government remains stable, the outlook for growth continues to improve. Given sustained low consumer price inflation and a reversal in oil prices, it is likely that the central
JPMorgan Becomes First U.S. Bank to Issue its Own Cryptocurrency
Of all the financial institutions one might guess would become the first U.S. bank to issue its own digital coin, it's safe to assume that JPMorgan Chase would not be the first choice. After all, CEO Jamie Dimon has famously called bitcoin "a fraud" and then doubled down on his criticisms by declaring "these crypto things are kind of a
Amazon Cancels Plans to Build a Headquarters in NYC
Three months after it tapped Northern Virginia and New York City as the locations for its second headquarters, Amazon has announced that it is canceling its plans for the Big Apple in response to vociferous opposition from local political and community leaders. After the e-commerce giant announced plans in 2017 to open a second massive headquarters - dubbed HQ2 -
Good Things Come to Those Who Are Patient
In the World Markets bounced back from December’s steep sell-off, embodying the old adage that good things come to those who wait. A dovish pivot by the Federal Reserve – with a focus on “patience” in Fed officials’ comments as well as the official statement in January – combined with optimism over U.S-China trade negotiations bolstered investor sentiment and contributed
Ubisoft And Mozilla Team Up To Develop AI-Based Coding Assistant
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot The world-known video game developer Ubisoft, which was behind the popular Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry games, has teamed up with Mozilla to develop an AI-based coding assistant. The Clever-Commit assistant will use code to learn how to discover bugs that may emerge in the Firefox web browser. Ubisoft already uses Clever-Commit to test bugs
Japan’s Biggest Bank Is Rolling out a Blockchain Payments Network
Hong Kong Blockchain Week is happening March 4-8, 2019. Click here to meet 3,000 plus blockchain industry leaders. Japanese banking behemoth Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) continues to blaze trails in the blockchain space. According to a press release (PDF), the Tokyo-headquartered giant has established a joint venture with Cambridge-based fintech firm Akamai Technologies to launch a blockchain-based open payment