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Keep Your Eyes on the Credit Markets, Not Washington
With political uncertainty on the rise in D.C., will market volatility spike? Russ discusses why the economy and credit markets matter more. Following a market friendly outcome in the French election and less market friendly political rumblings at home, the locus of political anxiety has shifted from Europe to the United States. However, with the exception of a sharp but
Video: The Most Exciting Sectors of Korean Fintech
FinTech, Video
Min Kim, chief strategy officer for the DAYLI Financial Group, talks to NexChange’s Andrew Work about what he feels are the most exciting – and exportable – parts of Korean fintech. Check it out. Fintech O2O: Min Kim, CSO, DAYLI Financial Group - Cryptocurrency, DLT, Blockchain from NexChange on Vimeo.
Video: Mark Zuckerberg Delivers the Commencement Speech at Harvard
Facebook godhead Mark Zuckerberg returned to his alma mater on Thursday to deliver the commencement speech at Harvard University. It was raining and it looked like a generally miserable experience, but we suppose that's the sacrifice one makes to walk across the stage and receive your ticket to a very rosy future. Anyway, we love seeing Zuck trade in his hoodie
Millennials Are Probably to Blame For the New York Yankees Losing Millions in Revenue at the Box Office
With basketball and hockey seasons winding their seasons down, we are about to enter the part of the year in the U.S. - summertime, sunshine, hot weather - that gives Major League Baseball the professional sports stage all to itself. However, it's no secret that baseball - which was once so popular it got coined as "America's Pastime" - has a
3 Ways Snapchat is Responding to Slow User Growth
After several months of poor daily-active-user figures by Snap Inc (NYSE: SNAP), Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO and co-founder, is determined to drive user-engagement. The DAU decline occurred right after Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB)'s Instagram Stories launched, and Spiegel has taken notice. Specifically, he highlighted it at the end of the third quarter when he wrote, "There are many factors that
Is There a Major Shift Happening in Fintech Funding?
We already know that there is a fluctuation happening in where funding for fintech is going, with London bringing in more money and New York less, but there also appears to be a big change happening in where the funding for fintech startups is coming from as well, as Business Insider reports. Business Insider notes that while venture capital firms invested
Blockchain Consortium R3 Scores Blockbuster $107 Million Series A Round
It may have been dropped by some bulge bracket firms but distributed ledger company R3 CEV continues to find new admirers. The Wall Street Journal: R3 CEV, one of many firms trying to capitalize on the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin, said Tuesday that it had raised $107 million from a group of 40 global banks, including Citigroup Inc.
Downgrade Leaves Investors Yawning but China Faces Major Issues
Ratings agency Moody’s China downgrade didn’t much move markets, but the reasons for the downgrade – excessive debt, leverage and a reduction in economic growth forecasts – are what many of the bear cases against the nation’s economy and currency have centered on. While market reaction was muted, the reaction from major investment banks was a touch more reflective but
Don't Wait for Rough Markets to Take a Look at Alternatives
Volatility is remarkably low today, but it’s not likely to stay that way. Alternatives have the potential to provide diversification and reduce risk when markets get stormy again. But what’s the best way to design an alternatives allocation? The recent run of market tranquility makes it easy to forget that we’ve seen more volatility spikes in the past two years
It's Who You Know: Icahn is $60 Million Richer By Shaping Trump's Regulatory Structure
Hedge Funds
When billionaire investor Carl Icahn was tapped as a "special regulatory adviser" for President Trump, it seemed to be a pretty advantageous appointment for an outspoken critic of government regulation like Icahn. It turns out it didn't take long for Icahn to start reaping those advantages. His oil refinery company, CVR Energy Inc., saved $60 million in the first quarter based