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Falling Angels? Credit Market Risks and Opportunities
SUMMARY Variations across the U.S. credit market continue to offer high-conviction opportunities for active investment approaches, versus relying on generic beta exposure. We see opportunities in financials, high-quality taxable municipal bonds, agency mortgage-backed securities, and securitized products, which in our view offer better risk/reward profiles than most single-A corporates with relatively less downgrade risk. Releveraging risk may often be higher
Sharing Is Caring: Blockchain’s Answer To P2P Platforms And Universal Reputation
Believe it or not, long before Yelp, reputation was a big deal. Even Socrates knew the value of it when he said: “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” In our current digital world, peers, clients and customers ensure good reputation is painstakingly earned, as everyone with internet access has
WeLab Scores Hong Kong’s Fourth Virtual Banking License
FinTech, AI
WeLab – the company behind lending platforms Wolaidai and WeLend – recently announced that its subsidiary, WeLab Digital, has been awarded a virtual banking license by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. This is the fourth license granted by the HKMA and the first one supplied to a homegrown fintech firm. Needless to say, the company is quite stoked about it:
Henri Arslanian Tells Us How Things Are Going in Asia's Fintech Market
Benzinga's Fintech Focus Podcast features conversations with the biggest names in fintech. Subscribe to the Fintech Focus newsletter to get a roundup of industry news delivered to your inbox weekly, and check out upcoming programming at Benzinga events. In this episode of the Fintech Focus podcast, we’re going to take you on a trip across the globe to Asia where,
Can Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Empower Venezuela?
Cryptocurrencies found itself the most compelling use over the last year in trouble-laden Venezuela. As hyperinflation and the struggling Bolivar left its population starving, Venezuelans saw cryptocurrencies as a gleaming opportunity to bypass the heavy economic censorship faced. Restricted from sending or receiving money overseas, the onslaught of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies made it possible for Venezuelans to communicate and
Emerging Risks for Emerging Economies
The US Federal Reserve's pause on further monetary-policy tightening has fueled a revival of capital inflows. But, given the uncertainties about US policy and Chinese growth prospects, it is too early to conclude that emerging economies are out of the woods. EDINBURGH – Suddenly it seems that emerging-market economies have gained a respite. Capital flows to these economies dried up
NexChange Interview Series: Real-World Blockchain Applications With Blockchain Founders Fund’s Aly Madhavji
How many seconds does it take for Walmart to track their produce within a blockchain-based supply chain? Which Ethereum application is the UN World Food Programme using when working with refugees? NexChange’s Olga Yaroshevsky spoke to Blockchain Founders Fund’s Aly Madhavji to find out about these – and more – real-world applications of blockchain.
Equity Investing When Turbocharged Growth Is Gone
If we’re in a low-growth environment, but also with low interest rates, we really have to look at our companies and try and identify those businesses we think can grow faster than the market. And if we pay a reasonable price for those businesses, we should get a better return than the market. So, I think investors need to think
Robinhood Launches New Premium Trading Features
Robinhood on Wednesday announced the rollout of several new features to its premium Robinhood Gold offering, including Level 2 market data and research from the Morningstar analyst team. What To Know For a price of $5 per month, eligible Robinhood Gold members now get access to margin investing, larger instant deposits, and $1,000 of interest-free deposits. In addition, Robinhood Gold
China Says No to Bitcoin Mining Operations Shocking Crypto World
China has recently announced that it plans to outlaw the mining of cryptocurrencies in its country. This announcement comes via a draft that was recently released on Monday disclosing the nation’s position on the cryptocurrency sector. This Bitcoin mining operations news comes as somewhat of a shock to the cryptocurrency market since upwards of half of all mining takes place