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Venture Capital Prepares for Landmark Year in Asia
Strong fundraising pipeline puts 2017 on course for bumper year as level of capital available for firms to invest surges The latest research from Preqin finds that Asia-focused venture capital fundraising has remained robust in recent years, with funds closed since the beginning of 2014 raising a combined $43bn. Despite annual fundraising totals declining slightly in 2016, 2017 could mark
Manulife Latest to Celebrate Chinese WFOE
Manulife is the latest global firm to claim a pioneering acquisition of a wholly foreign-owned entity (WFOE) licence in China. The firm says its Investment Company WFOE licence is the first of its kind and “paves the way for Manulife to provide its global public market and private assets solutions in the fast-growing asset management industry in China”. The Investment
How Fake Fixes to Fake News Could Lead to Real Problems
In his recent manifesto, Mark Zuckerberg asserts that the response to our dysfunctional and conflict-ridden politics is to build a stronger global community based on ubiquitous interconnection. We know of course that Facebook stands to profit from this utopian vision, and we should be skeptical of the motives underlying Zuck’s position. But it’s worth taking a second look at the
Circle of Life: iPad Going the Way of the iPod?
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is known for dramatic reveals. Exclusive, invite-only media events generally herald new product lines, but for the second time in known history, the company broke from tradition to announce its latest iPad model. The updated product merited a quiet press release — the same, humble vehicle that preceded a 2014 price drop in Apple’s fourth-generation iPad.
Citing Losses and Waning Interest in Hedge Funds, Eton Park is Shutting Down
Hedge Funds
Eric Mindich, founder and CEO of Eton Park Capital Management, informed clients on Thursday that he was shutting down the struggling hedge fund he founded in 2004, citing poor performance and a waning interest in hedge funds among investors, the Wall Street Journal reports. Eton Park, which manages about $7 billion, missed out on the market gains of 2016 and lost
Female-Founded, VC-Funded: The Numbers Behind Venture Investment in Women [Datagraphic]
To celebrate International Women’s Day last week, we created a list of 18 successful female founders and VCs changing the tech landscape. Now, in honor of Women’s History Month, we’re releasing a collection of data on female-founded companies with VC backing. (Spoiler alert: VCs are investing in women more than they were 10 years ago, but the numbers are still
Part II: The Good, The Bad and the Big Money
This is Part II of a three part series. Click here for part I. Click here for part III. Big players are paying attention It shouldn’t be surprising that Korea is strong in fintech. Eugene Bang is Managing Director and Country Head for DBS, a bank that hails from Singapore, another fintech hotspot. He’s also the President of the Foreign
Allianz Global Investors' House View on Brexit
Triggering Article 50 In the immediate aftermath of the UK electorate's decision on June 23, 2016 to leave the European Union, Allianz Global Investors shared its House View on some of the implications of this landmark plebiscite. With the UK now readying itself to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, and thereby begin exit negotiations with the EU and
Hong Kong ETF Buyers Get Tools to Short Local Indices
Fund firms have listed a series of inverse exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track local Hong Kong indices. Inverse ETFs, which allow investors to profit when the value of an index falls, first listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange last year. But it was not until January of this year that the regulator, the Securities and Futures Commission, approved inverse
LinkedIn Aims to Turn New “Trending Storylines” Into a Daily Habit–And a Moneymaker
What’s the first thing you read in the morning? Unless you’re looking for a new job, chances are that it isn’t LinkedIn. But the business-oriented social network hopes to grab your attention with Trending Storylines, a new curated experience that brings together the day’s headlines with commentary from LinkedIn users, providing an easy-to-digest look at what’s newsworthy in your network