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The Top 8 Investors in New York Seed Rounds
In recent weeks, New York has been something of an exit hotspot. Moat, an adtech company that had raised $68 million in VC funding, was acquired by Oracle last week in a deal reportedly valued at nearly $1 billion. And on April 13, enterprise tech startup Yext (NYSE: YEXT) began trading publicly after previously raising about $116 million in VC
Brother of Former U.S. President is Now the Part-Owner of a Major League Baseball Team
Jeb! did it. Jeb Bush - the former governor of Florida, failed U.S. presidential candidate and the brother and son of two former presidents - is reportedly nearing ownership of the Miami Marlins. Bloomberg's Scott Soshnick broke the news on Twitter that Bush and his group, which includes retired New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter, have won the sweepstakes for
Alibaba's Jack Ma Warns That AI Will Give Us Robot CEOs in the Future
Jack Ma, the billionaire founder and chairman of Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba, has sounded the alarm about the disruptive potential of artificial intelligence, warning that "the world will see much more pain than happiness" over the next few decades, Bloomberg reports. Speaking at a an entrepreneurship conference in Zhengzhou, China, Ma said that education systems will have to evolve in order
This is Why Your Startup Will Fail
Growing up, I was unbeatable at H-O-R-S-E, the basketball game kids play when’s only one hoop and just a few around. Basically, everyone gets a chance to skin a basket from a certain spot or in a certain way, then each subsequent player’s got to follow suit. I’d invite friends to come play in my driveway after school. When the game got close, I’d pretend
Failing Upwards: Marissa Mayer Getting $186 Million From Verizon Deal
Marissa Mayer's five-year run as CEO of Yahoo has been an unqualified failure - beset by bad acquisitions, embarrassing data breaches and an inability to ever revitalize the internet pioneer's fortunes - but Mayer will nonetheless leave Yahoo very well compensated, taking in roughly $186 million from the sale of its core business to Verizon, as the Wall Street Journal reports.
Barclays to Open Europe's 'Largest FinTech Accelerator'
While its sissy peers focus on their impending Brexits, Barclays is looking to take its London fintech creds all the way up to eleven. The Memo: Next week banking giant Barclays will cut the ribbon on what it’s calling Europe’s largest co-working space dedicated to financial technology. More than 40 companies will be housed across the vast 30,000 sq ft of
Balyasny Looks to Build the Amazon of Hedge Funds, but Can He?
Hedge Funds
Hedge fund managers have two “unappetizing” choices in today’s market environment, Dmitry Balyasny, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of the $12.1 billion hedge fund that bears his name wrote in the fund’s first quarter letter to investors reviewed by ValueWalk. They can slim down and focus on a niche strategy or, like, bulk up and build a diverse
Insurtech, IoT and Blockchain Had a Baby and Called It...Tomorrow
Moving through Burke’s Bullshit Cycle will see hype recede and the real blockchain promise be delivered to real people. Insurance will become embedded into everyday life in ways you can’t imagine. Imagine your car flips on the highway at high speed. Before it lands, onboard sensors have sent motion information to an insurance AI that has assessed the situation, sent
What Do the Recent SEC Robo Guidelines Mean for Advisors?
New SEC guidance provides effective ways for advisors to comply with disclosure regulations Robo-advisors continue to represent a fast-growing trend in the investment advice industry, changing the way firms engage with and service their clients. However, given the automated and online nature of their business models, there are unique considerations for robo-advisors when complying with traditional regulations. Following collaboration with
Pimco Appoints Head of Asia Ex Japan
Michael Thompson, the head of Pimco's Singapore office, will become head of Asia ex Japan for the US-based asset manager. He will move to Hong Kong and report to Kimberley Stafford, the firm's recently appointed head of Asia-Pacific. Thompson joined Pimco in London in 2006, serving as head of European third-party distribution. He moved to Singapore with the firm in