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China: When Atlas Shrugs, Markets Shiver
Capital Markets
The use of credit to fuel growth in China is weakening, a trend that has begun to depress demand for imports. Given China’s seminal role as an engine of global growth, the ripple effects will weigh on growth prospects for the countries most exposed to Chinese demand, including those in Asia and Latin America. When it comes to emerging market
Can You Fire an Employee Because You Hate Their Views? It Depends
On August 8, former Google engineer James Damore reportedly filed a claim with the National Labor Relations Board, days after the company let him go amid an outcry over a memo he’d written criticizing Google’s diversity initiatives. Later this month, groups of protesters, including those who publicly identify with white nationalist groups, engaged in violent clashes at the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville. Internet
Ray Dalio: America is the Most Economically and Socially Divided it's Been Since 1937
Hedge Funds
Ray Dalio says in an essay posted to LinkedIn on Monday that America is "now economically and socially divided and burdened in ways that are broadly analogous to 1937." The Bridgewater Associates chairman and chief and investment officer also writes in the essay that "politics will probably play a greater role in affecting markets than we have experienced any time
Cramer Finds a Way to Explain Stock Diversification With Fantasy Football
Asset Management
What does fantasy football have to do with stock picking? Quite a lot actually, CNBC's Jim Cramer explained during his daily "Mad Money" show. A strong fantasy football team should be built in the same fashion of a stock portfolio. The Perfect Lineup Key to any fantasy football team would be to include three top-notch wide receivers — or in stock
Trump Scraps Plans For an Infrastructure Advisory Council
One of Donald Trump's major talking points on his campaign platform for president was the need for America to invest in improving its infrastructure, which is one of the few issues right now that could get at least some bipartisan support. However, after two of his business councils were disbanded this week following the defections of most of its members, Trump has
Is Steve Bannon's Ouster a Victory for Investors?
After Steve Bannon stepped down as President Trump's chief strategist on Friday, some saw his ouster as a victory for White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn - and for Wall Street. Bannon and Cohn had reportedly been locked in a power struggle, with the former advocating for protectionist polices and the latter advocating for a "more politically correct preference for
The Insanely Simple Way I Learned to be Useful in Every Meeting
“Have more than thou showest/Speak less than thou knowest.” That’s a quote from King Lear, a play by William Shakespeare, who was very good at writing things. As far as the plot goes, it probably revolves around a guy named King Lear who–I’m assuming–betrays someone, or gets betrayed, or something happens mid-betrayal–likely involving poison. The point is that I’ve never read King
Is Target 'Amazon-Proof'?
Is Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) immune from, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN)'s threat? According to analysts at MKM Partners the answer is yes. MKM Partners' Patrick McKeever upgrades Target's stock rating from Neutral to Buy with a price target boosted from $58 to $69 following Target's "encouraging" second quarter earnings report. Perhaps the main takeaway from the earnings report is that investors should be willing to pay a premium for retailers that are
Fugle: The Digital Brokerage That Takes a Lot of the Pain out of Investing
FinTech, Video
NexChange’s Andrew Work talks to Li Weh Yeh & Yi Yun Chiu, the founders of Fugle, at Startupbootcamp 2017 in Hong Kong. Fugle is a digital brokerage firm which aims to help investors to get accurate financial information in the shortest amount of time. Fugle is a fast and clarity investment research tools. Comparing to traditional financial data software or
Two Sigma Risk Premia Strategy Keeping Its Head Just Above Water
Hedge Funds
In a market environment where CTA and algorithmic strategies are struggling, systematic investment manager Two Sigma is no exception. In a July 13 letter to investors reviewed by ValueWalk, the Risk Premia strategy that manages factor exposure was up a scant 0.06% after suffering losses of -1.16% and -0.29% in May and June respectively. The mediocre Risk Premia strategy performance