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Watch Martin Zweig Pretty Much Predict the Market Crash Right Before Black Monday
Capital Markets
The worst day in trading history happened 30 years ago today, on October 19, 1987. Forever known as Black Monday, investors watched in horror as the Dow dropped 22.6 percent (about a 5.200-point drop today), the S&P 500 plunged 20.5 percent (equivalent to a 520-point drop today) and the Nasdaq fell 11.4 percent (roughly 750 points today). But the late investor and financial
What Can Retail Learn From eBay?
Capital Markets
EBay Inc (NASDAQ: EBAY)'s status as being far from the largest player in the online space isn't stopping it from surviving amid much larger companies, Gadfly's Sarah Halzack said. In fact, eBay has much to offer in terms of advice for struggling offline retailers as it is showing tremendous "survival skills." EBay's earnings report isn't necessarily sitting well with many investors; the stock is trading
Your Five-Month Guide to Getting a Promotion
Landing a promotion (and the raise that will likely come with it) are career goals that most of us aspire to sooner or later.  But you can’t just pop into your boss’s office, declare yourself ready for a higher-level role, and expect to hear, “You’re right, dammit! Promotion approved!” In truth, actually asking for a promotion is the final step in a
Abu Dhabi's State Fund Just Opened an Office in San Francisco to Boost Investments in Silicon Valley
The sovereign wealth fund of the United Arab Emeritus has opened an office in San Francisco "in order to deepen its relationship with Silicon Valley," which includes launching its first venture capital fund, Recode reports. The UAE's sovereign wealth fund, which operates as the Mubadala Investment Company, plans to invest $400 million in early-stage startups through its VC fund. It will
'I am Not a Racist' Says Famed Investor Who Thinks America is Awesome Because it's Ruled By White People
Here's a good rule of thumb: Whenever someone qualifies a statement by first saying, "I am not a racist, but..." there is a really, really good chance that whatever comes out of his mouth next is going to be offensively racist. Enter Marc Faber, the famous Swiss investor known as "Dr. Doom" because of his consistently pessimistic views of the
Now in its 10th Year, Personal Finance App Mint is Investing in AI, Data
Mint, the personal finance app owned by Intuit Inc. (NASDAQ: INTU), could be transformed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. That’s according to Kevin Kirn, Mint’s head of product, who spoke with Benzinga about what’s next for the app, first launched a decade ago. “The possibilities are honestly unlimited,” Kirn said. “The ultimate outcome is that apps like Mint really transform over the next couple of years
Fund Managers' Equity Allocation Hits Six Month High
For the first time in six years, fund managers believe that the outlook for the global economy is looking up, and fund managers are upping their equity allocation as a result. According to Bank of America’s monthly Global Fund Manager Survey, 48% of respondents (up 5%) believe that over the next 12 months the global economy is heading into a
Q&A: What You Should Know About China's 19th Communist Party Congress
China’s 19th Communist Party Congress is fast approaching. While the meetings are primarily a political event, they will shed some light on the party’s broad economic goals. There will also be major reshuffling across party leadership this year. Read below for our synopsis and predictions: Q: What is China’s Communist Party Congress? A: The constitution of the Communist Party of
Mooch Screws the Pooch: Scaramucci's New Media Company Apologizes for Insane Holocaust Poll
Maybe you knew that Anthony "Mooch" Scaramucci, founder of Skybridge Capital and very briefly an assistant to President Trump, had started a new media company - or, maybe you didn't. But even if you didn't, chances are you're going to hear about the Scaramucci Post now: That's because Mooch and his “millennial-first media company” have gotten into hot water over an
Dow Tops 23,000 For First Time; What Does it Mean?
Another earnings season, another record for the Dow Industrial Average. In what is becoming almost old hat by now, the Dow reached another milestone on Tuesday, passing 23,000 for the first time. This marks the sixth time the Dow reached a 1,000-point milestone in the past 12 months and fifth since Donald Trump was elected president in November, as Bloomberg