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The Most Popular Women in Cryptocurrency [Infographic]
A cryptocurrency is nothing but a digital asset that is used to work as a medium of exchange which makes use of a very strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, verifying the transfer of assets and to control the creation of additional units. It is a kind of digital currency and a currency that is alternative. They use a technique
The Markets Are Volatile. The Fed Can Live With That.
For most of the past decade, as the economy has struggled to recover from the Great Recession, every time there’s been significant market volatility, every time the data have printed even a little bit weak, the Fed has come and indicated that it is there, that it is ready to protect the economy and markets as needed. That’s not the
Report: Paranoid Facebook Employees Are Now Using Burner Phones to Talk to Each Other Just Like Drug Dealers
If you were a fan of Breaking Bad, the popular TV show about a high school science teacher turned drug kingpin, you know that burner phones - those cheap Nokia-era, pre-smartphone cell phones - were central to how a lot of the communication about illicit and illegal deal making got done on the show. Given this reputation for burner phones
Elon Musk Said Some Things on '60 Minutes'
Whatever your thought's are on Elon Musk - and Musk is one of those public figures who seems to draw intense emotions either loving him or despising him, with nothing in between - I think we can all agree that he's never boring. (Not even his Boring Company is actually boring.) And so it's not surprising that during his interview
Why an AWS Spin-Off Could Be Amazon's Best Strategic Move
Big U.S. tech companies are facing increasing regulatory scrutiny for their size and influence in the American economy. New York University marketing professor Scott Galloway said on Monday that spinning-off its Amazon Web Services cloud business could be the perfect solution for, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN). Creating A Cloud Pure-Play Galloway, who has a track record of predicting Amazon would
Distortion, Divergence and Diversification: 2019 Global Investment Outlook
Volatility has plagued equity markets globally in 2018—most notably emerging markets and US equity markets. As the US economic expansion officially crossed the nine-year mark in 2018, many investors started to wonder when the cycle would change—and what the catalyst might be. Our senior investment leaders see plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the year ahead, but recognize investment
For Famous Musicians the Crypto Ties Run Deep
In 2001 Apple introduced us to one of its most influential – the original iPod. The humble MP3 player that ushered in a digital music industry revolution and arguably saved Apple from the brink of financial collapse. Speaking at the presentation, Apple’s co-founder, the late Steve Jobs, explained why the company had chosen to build its new flagship product around
Finding a Path Forward For Blockchain
Innovation is never easy. There are almost always failures, mistakes and doubts that stand in the way of any attempt to change the world: Apollo 1 caught fire on the launchpad and killed its three astronauts before Apollo 11 took man to the moon; the Wright Brothers' first flight lasted just a hair under a minute and was met largely
3 Big Takeaways From the Arrest of Huawei's CFO
Canadian authorities at the request of American law officials arrested Huawei's global CFO Wanzhou Meng for allegedly violating Iran sanctions. The news shook markets Thursday, as investors fear U.S.-China trade tensions could pick up. How worried should investors be? That depends who you ask. Arrest Will Harm Relationship The timing of Meng's arrest could be seen as a "message to
24 Fun Bitcoin Facts And Figures (That Will Make Your Head Spin)
The following infographic is courtesy of It's published here with permission. A new cryptocurrency was born on 31st of October 2008, its name was “Bitcoin” and it has been surrounded by mystery, conspiracy theories, and confusion (not to mention a couple of disasters) ever since. Here is an alternative to the usual Bitcoin nguides which covers 24 of the