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Household Debt Rises to New Record of $13 Trillion
Capital Markets
1. Household Debt Hits New Record of $13 Trillion 2. Auto Loans: Delinquencies Rising in “Sub-Prime” Market 3. The Secret Congressional Sexual Harassment Slush Fund 4. Congress’s Office of Compliance – Guilty Until Proven Innocent Overview A new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York last week found that US household debt hit another record high in the
Bearish Odey Digs in, Warns of Inflationary Wave
Hedge Funds
Crispin Odey had a rare good month in October, according to an investor letter seen by ValueWalk. The outspoken investor’s flagship Odey European, which has struggled to hold on to assets this year, produced a positive return of 2.3% for investors, beating its benchmark (MSCI Daily TR Net Europe) return of 2% for the month. Unfortunately, these gains have hardly made
Report: ICO Funding Surged 1228% in 2017
Everybody knows that ICO funding skyrocketed this year, but by how much did it, really? Hacked, citing a recent paper from Funderbeam, reports that token sales surged from relatively tiny $228 million in 2016 to a solid $2.8 billion in 2017 – an over 1,200% climb – with the average round reaching $19 million. Meanwhile, the total number of ICOs
Chinese Hedge Funds Drive Emerging Markets Assets To Record
Hedge Funds
HFRI China leads hedge fund industry gains, Chinese equities YTD; HFRI MENA Index declines on regional equity weakness CHICAGO, (November 20, 2017) – Hedge fund capital invested in Emerging Markets (EM) rose to a record to begin 4Q17 with the primary contribution coming from the industry-leading performance of Chinese hedge funds. Total EM hedge fund capital increased to $223 billion (1.48
Time to Trim, but Not Abandon Gold
Gold has performed surprisingly well this year. Russ discusses why that might not be the case going forward, and it may be time to pare positions. For a year in which risky assets continue to grind higher, assets offering potential hedges against those risks are doing remarkably well. Long-duration U.S. bonds are up roughly 9% while gold has advanced better
Fundraising for Women-Run Venture Capital Funds Accelerates
Despite remaining underrepresented in the industry, women-owned funds are securing more capital and making more deals in 2017 Women make up an average of 21% of staff at venture capital funds. This proportion falls to 11% of senior staff, and just 6% of board members at venture capital firms. However, women-owned* venture capital vehicles have seen fundraising reach new heights
Investing Like the Mafia 2017
As famed market strategist Richard Bernstein has pointed out, investors should pattern common stock selection after the investment style of the Mafia. What causes the Mafia to get such good returns? How do they spot opportunities? Why should we as investors in publicly-traded common stocks emulate their behavior near the end of 2017? First, the Mafia invests in areas where
How to Fix The Biggest Lie in Corporate America
In his song “Blizzard of Lies,” the jazz pianist Dave Frishberg ticks off some of the fibs that we utter with stunning regularity: “We must have lunch real soon.” “I’ll get right back to you.” “Your secret’s safe with me.” “This won’t hurt a bit.” Missing from his list is the lie told most routinely throughout corporate America: “Our people are our
Assessing the Durability of the Emerging Market Resurgence
With the MSCI Emerging Markets Index up 33.4 percent year-to-date, it's not surprising that some investors are wondering if they have missed the emerging markets party. Further stoking that debate is the emerging markets benchmark's 2016 gain of about 11 percent, meaning the index is approaching a two-year gain of almost 50 percent. The good news is that fundamental factors
Singapore to Regulate Securities-Like ICOs
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) recently published a paper on ICOs and among other things, it looks like some token sales are going to be regulated. According to the paper (PDF), all ICOs with tokens that fall under capital markets products definitions will automatically be subject to the Securities and Futures Act (SFA), just like every equity or debt