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3 Signs it’s Time to Ask Your Boss For That Promotion
You already know why you want a promotion: It will confirm what you’ve already accomplished in your role, validate your work and work ethic, and open paths for bigger and better projects. Ideally, it’ll also mean more pay. But there’s a difference between wanting a promotion and being ready for it. In order to put your best foot forward with your
Goldman Sachs Addresses its Gender Pay Gap in the U.K.
Goldman Sachs pays its women employees in the United Kingdom 56 percent less than their male colleagues, with a spokesman telling Bloomberg that the gap widens to 72 percent once year-end discretionary bonuses are factored into the total compensation. Bloomberg notes that the pay gap at Goldman and other Wall Street firms points to the continued disparity in who holds
Broadcom Still a Top Pick Among Analysts Despite Blocked Merger
Broadcom Ltd (NASDAQ: AVGO)'s pursuit of QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM) has come to an end after President Donald Trump blocked the deal. While Singapore-based Broadcom is free to pursue acquisitions of other U.S.-based companies, Wall Street analysts are now resuming coverage of the stock under the assumption it will remain a standalone company in the near-term The Analysts Bank of
US-Based Circle Is Setting Its Sights on Asia
After rolling out its app in 46 new U.S. states, Boston-based payments giant Circle is now looking to expand in Asia, writes the South China Morning Post: US cryptocurrency trading platform Circle, backed by IDG Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs and internet giant Baidu, is expanding to Asia, launching over-the-counter digital currency trading services to institutional investors such as hedge funds
Harvard Business Review: Financial Statements Don’t Work Anymore
Several weeks ago three professors from the Columbia and Dartmouth business schools recapped some of their work on accounting for intangible investment in a Harvard Business Review article. Their key finding, which builds on Professor Baruch Lev’s analysis in The End of Accounting, is that, “accounting earnings are practically irrelevant for digital companies”. Along with Professor Lev, Professors Govindarajan, Rajgopal and Srivastava found
Reverse-Think Your Portfolio to Target Success in 2018
In April of 2009, days from the bottom of the 2nd worst stock decline in the past 100 years, we wrote in this commentary that it was “a good time to invest in stocks due to their bargain prices.” The commentary went on to argue the case that stocks were poised to rally strongly ahead. I got a call from
Cryptocurrencies Are Getting Wiped Out Again as Google Announces it Will Ban Ads For Digital Coins
Hello darkness, my old friend: Roughly $60 billion of value in the cryptocurrency market was wiped out in the span of 24 hours, CNBC reports. The price drop is due to regulatory and financial setbacks facing the digital coin market, according to CNBC. Perhaps most significant is the decision by Google, the word's largest digital advertiser, to ban all ads
The Challenges Oculus and Google Lawyers Expect For AR, VR Projects
Legal teams at the world’s top tech companies are bracing for a new era — one that aligns the real world with an increasingly expansive virtual one. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB)’s Oculus and Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) (NASDAQ: GOOG)’s Daydream already market virtual reality devices and augmented reality toolkits, and the pace of innovation is accelerating. For the most part,
Former Equifax CIO Charged With Insider Trading Tied to Massive Data Breach
Jun Ying, the former chief information officer of Equifax’s core United States consumer reporting division, was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with insider trading related to his selloff of nearly $1 million in company stock before the announcement of a massive data breach last year. The credit reporting agency determined in the summer of 2017 that it had
Hedge Fund Industry Declines Amid Dismal Managed Futures Results
Hedge Funds
With so many months of consecutive gains for the hedge fund industry, it almost seemed it would not end. While of course it had to end at some point, there are many investors who are likely wishing the streak did not have to end quite so abruptly. Check out our H2 hedge fund letters here. Volatility has returned to various