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Microsoft Prez Calls on Government to Regulate Facial Recognition Technology Following Public Backlash
Microsoft's president has called on the U.S. government to regulate the use of facial recognition technology, responding to the public backlash over its contract with the government to develop this controversial software. Brad Smith, Microsoft's president and chief legal officer, sought to balance the benefits and risks of computer-assisted facial recognition in a blog post published on Friday, noting that
4 Uses For Blockchain Technology You Hadn't Considered
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have grabbed the headlines recently purely for the average person to make unthinkable money from doing nothing. This has proved to be true at some points depending on your ability to buy and sell at the right time. But there is an alternative to the technology other than simply making money. Outside of finance, there are a
Most ICOs Are Failing Within Just Four Months
Four months – that’s about how long over half of cryptocurrency startups last after their ICO, a recent study found. With entrepreneurs raking in millions before even delivering a valuable service, and little to no governance, it’s no surprise the majority are never more than a flash-in-the-pan failure. Dr. Hermann Liu and Haydar Haba—serial entrepreneurs and blockchain authorities with experience
Are US Companies Investing Enough for the Future?
Corporate investments are the cornerstone of future growth. Yet shareholders are often seduced by buybacks and dividends. Equity investors should always make sure companies strike the right balance between deploying cash flows for short-term shareholder rewards and strategic reinvestment. Running a company can be a messy business. CEOs of large, publicly listed firms often must choose between achieving near-term financial
Hackers Steal Personal Data From 21 Million Users of Tech Startup's App
Timehop - an app that archives your old photos and social media posts - disclosed in a blog post on Saturday that a July 4 security breach has compromised the data of about 21 million users. Among the user data that was compromised includes dates of birth, gender, country codes, some phone numbers, email addresses and names. The company says
There's an App For That: Apple's App Store Celebrates 10th Anniversary
As a society that relies so heavily on technology, it's challenging to remember a time when going to Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) solely meant a quick coffee trip, rather than a caramel macchiato photo shoot. Back when maps were tangible, physical objects that didn't feature a robot named Siri screaming at drivers to turn at the next light. Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:
Value Investing: Is Life Imitating Art?
Perhaps no other style of investing possesses the same degree of lore, scholarship, and celebrity as value investing. While names such as David Einhorn, Seth Klarman, and Joel Greenblatt may be household ones among diehards, Warren Buffett certainly has broad recognition even outside of the investment community. Value investing even has its very own, bona fide bible. Yet, despite all
Trends in Venture Capital
2017 was a tumultuous year for venture capital. U.S. investments topped $70 billion for the second year on record, but deals were down, as were fundraising and exit activity. What can investors and firms learn from some of the year’s most high-profile funding? What is the state of the VC industry, and how does it relate to public markets? What
Four Things Recruiters Look For to Size Up Candidates’ Potential
I’ve recruited countless graduates for roles in many organizations over the past decade, and I’m constantly asked what I look for. My answer is always the same: potential. This is especially true for entry-level hires. Obviously, there’s no point in assessing recent grads the same way that you would more experienced candidates. Without much work experience or familiarity with the workplace,
Former Apple Employee is Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Self-Driving Trade Secrets
A ex-Apple employee was busted by federal agents as he tried t0 board a plane from San Jose, Calif. to China over the weekend, carrying trade secrets for self-driving cars that he'd allegedly stolen from his former employer, as the Mercury News reports. Xiaolang Zhang, who worked as a hardware engineer at Apple, was charged in the U.S. District Court