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Apple CEO Tim Cook to students: ‘The world has a stake in how you do business’

By Finbuzz



On Tuesday, November 10, Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered his keynote speech at Bocconi University, Milan — the first time he has addressed a European university, Finbuzz reports.

Among the highlights of his speech, Cook told the assembled students and graduates:

  • I’ve been fortunate to join a company that shares my values, and my great hope for you is that you do the same.
  • You have before you an incredible opportunity — I would actually call it an obligation — you owe it to yourself and to the rest of the world to be a part of something that serves a noble purpose, however you define it, and you can do that through your work.
  • Because now more than ever, businesses are in a position to help societies solve their greatest problems. The responsibility should not rest on governments alone. Whether we are talking about climate change or equal rights, the challenges we face are simply too great for businesses to stand on the sidelines, especially today when companies have more capacity to do more good in more ways for more people than at any point in human history.
  • I hope the students in the audience today hold on to your idealism. Not just as students, but also as graduates, as CEOs and even as presidents.
  • You really can live with your values and your passion to change the world.
  • The environment must also be on the business agenda. As business leaders, we have a responsibility to address this, and urgently. We have obligations to our companies and our shareholders because climate change impacts supply chains, energy crises and overall economic stability.
  • So, what will your success look like? As you consider that question, understand that the whole world has a stake in your answer. The world has a stake in how you do business.
  • You are citizens of the world. You have a voice to be heard across continents. Use it! Speak up! You are better connected to the rest of the globe that any generation has ever be



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