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Asia-Pac ETFs post fifth straight month of inflows

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With China’s economic outlook increasingly going from bad to worse, you’d almost think investors would want to hold off pumping money in the region. Nope.

According to London-based research and consultancy firm ETFGI, Asia-Pacific ETFs and ETPs have just posted another month of strong inflows:

“ETFs/ETPs listed in Asia Pacific ex Japan gathered 1.2 billion US dollars in net new assets in October 2015. This marks the 5th consecutive month of positive net inflows. The Asia Pacific ex-Japan ETF/ETP industry had 761 ETFs/ETPs, with 904 listings, assets of US$119.4 Bn, from 115 providers listed on 17 exchanges in 13 countries at the end of October 2015, according to ETFGI’s Global ETF and ETP insights report for October 2015.”

Among the region’s biggest winners in October were Samsung AM, which gathered around $380 million, China AM, which raked in about $230 million, and CSOP/China Southern, which bagged $150 million. Year to date however HSBC/Hang Seng lords above them all with an impressive $5.8 billion in net inflows.

Japan seems to be a lot better though, a sign that investors continue to be attracted to the region’s progressively changing business climate:

“In Japan, YTD net inflows were up 121.9% on the record set last year, standing at US$35.0 Bn at the end of October 2015.”

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