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Some hedge funders take Halloween very seriously

By NexChange
Lifestyle, 4:01

Last Halloween in New York City the Upper East Side home of hedge fund billionaire Philip Falcone struck fear in the hearts of neighborhood children, a probably a few adults too.

Falcone and his wife Lisa Maria have been forced to tone down their haunted house this year after neighbors protested about creepy old lady holding a dead baby, a beheaded corpse, and a smoke breathing gargoyle, reports the New York Times. But the Falcones did bring back a hearse this year to park on the curb, as well as other "classic" decorations.

Many neighbors in the Falcone's billionaire neighborhood have joined in the fun. Goblins, zombies, and bodies peep up from stoops on the Manhattan streets. A few blocks up from the Falcones, Avenue Capital's Mark Lasry has bloody, life-size dummies hanging from a balcony. Another nearby house has a two-headed girl with an army of rats standing on a doorstep.

We know where we're going trick-or-treating this year!
Photo: Rildo Moura

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