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Bridgewater’s All-Weather Fund down 6% for the year

By NexChange
Hedge Funds

Guess it couldn’t weather this stormy 2015.
“The $70 billion Bridgewater All Weather Fund, managed by hedge fund titan Ray Dalio, was down 1.9 percent in September and is down 6 percent through the first nine months of the year, three people familiar with the fund's performance said on Tuesday.

The All Weather Fund is one of two big portfolios managed by Bridgewater Associates and uses a so-called ‘risk parity’ strategy that is supposed to make money for investors if bonds or stocks sell off, though not simultaneously.”
Reuters does add that it’s up 3.7% for October, though unfortunately for them, spoos has climbed 5.8% in the same time period. As for Dalio’s Pure Alpha II Fund, it did slightly better with a 3.9% year to date return.
Photo: Fadil Basymeleh

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