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Millennials expect highest salaries in Australia, Emirates and US, according to survey

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The results are in for the “cost of talent 2015” survey. The detailed report shows current trends in competitive wages across the globe for the next generation of employees, writes FinBuzz.

The survey was conducted by Universum, a company engaged in employer branding and research.

The data shows an abysmal gap between the salary expectations of the graduates in different countries.

For example, in Ukraine a graduate with a degree in business expects an approximate $5,000 annual salary, while in the Arab Emirates the average expected salary for a similar job will be around $80,000 per year.

Of the countries included in the study by the Stockholm-based group, salary expectations of engineers and business students were highest in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the UAE, Norway, Denmark, the UK, the US, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, France, Japan, Finland, Austria, and Belgium.

The lowest salaries were expected in Ukraine, Russia, Ghana, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Egypt.

The survey particular emphasizes gender inequality in wages. Men in business earn $3263 a year more than their female counterparts.

And women’s lower salary expectations don’t help to reduce the pay gap. Today, women worldwide still make only 77 percent of the amount men in the same positions earn. And the forecast is pessimistic since the situation is set to stay the same for another 70 years if social stereotypes don’t change.




This story first appeared in FinBuzz.

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