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Japanese mutual fund assets fall to 2015 low

By NexChange
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Just as the Nikkei was shrinking 8%, apparently, Japanese mutual fund assets did some shrinking of their own.

Citing data from the Investment Trusts Association, the Nikkei Asian Review reports that mutual funds in the land of the rising sun saw their assets under management shrink by a whopping ¥3.57 trillion ($30 billion) in September. That’s the same amount needed to rebuild Fukushima.

The drop left the industry with just ¥93 trillion ($782 billion) in assets last month – its lowest level for the year – though still above last November’s ¥92.6 trillion ($779 billion) reading, not to mention the dramatic, post-Lehman decline.

A lot of variables contributed to this, the surging yen for example ate away at foreign currency-denominated investments, while operating losses – now on its fourth consecutive month – continued to erode value.

Still, inflows continue to be positive, and if investor commentary is anything to go on, investors are still in love the region, deteriorating fundamentals or not.
Photo: Moyan Brenn

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