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Video: Lexus builds origami-inspired electric car

By NexChange
Lifestyle, 4:01

The UK arm of Lexus - the luxury car division of Japan's Toyota - has just built a working electric car almost entirely out of cardboard.

Lexus employed a team of  designers who used 1,700 laser-cut  pieces of card - crafted from a digital model of the regular car - and stuck them all together with wood glue over a steel and aluminum frame. The impressive peice of art and craft took three months to build.

The project is an ode to the revered craftsmen of the Lexus production lines — known as takumi. Lexus explains that a test of a takumi's manual dexterity is to have them fold an origami cat using only the non-dominant hand.

Sadly, the car is not for sale. It's really just Lexus showing off. Even if it were available, the idea of having just a few layers of cardboard between you and the road would probably make for some very careful driving (and forget about wet conditions). Which perhaps explains the excruciatingly slow speed at which the engineer in the video below is driving.



Photo: Lexus UK

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