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What we’re reading: Silvio, the Fed, and a woman screaming 'bear don’t eat my kayak'

By NexChange
Capital Markets

From Silvio and Vladi sitting in a tree, to Bronte Capital’s views on Sun Edison, here are some great reads for you this weekend.

Silvio Berlusconi and Vladimir Putin: the odd couple. A great look into the relationship between the fallen Italian president and his powerful Russian counterpart. Is it all business, or do they actually share something more? Financial Times

Should U.S. monetary policy have a ternary mandate? Joe Peek, Geoffrey M.B. Tootell, and Boston Fed president Eric Rosengren apparently set out to examine “the role of financial instability concerns in setting monetary policy.” They did this by identifying buzzwords “related to financial instability appearing in FOMC meeting transcripts” and used their word counts to see how they impacted Fed policy. The results are astounding. Boston Fed (pdf)

Lagarde-ian of the Galaxy. Guardians of the Galaxy reference aside, here’s a great interview with the IMF’s Christine Lagarde, where she shares her thoughts on Greece, the refugee crisis, and noisy Americans. Huffington Post

Sun Edison - some comments and a way forward. Sun Edison’s recent fall took down more than few a big-named fund managers with it. Here’s John Hempton on why he took a long position on it. Bronte Capital

Watch woman yell “bear don’t eat my kayak” as bear eats kayak. A riveting tale featuring a kayak, a bear, and a woman who pepper sprays it in the face. The Verge
Photo: European People's Party

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