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Goldman Sachs is recruiting with Snapchat

By NexChange
Lifestyle, 4:01

Goldman Sachs is looking to scoop up the next generation of talent by getting down with the kids and taking its recruitment drive onto Snapchat, the popular social network for millennials.

Reuters reports that Goldman will uses Snapchat - a popular social app for temporary pics and nude selfies -  to fire out a series of ads within its Campus Story function, a curated platform for college-related content.

The ads - which do not contain any nudity - makes a call out for  a "Campus Environmental Leader", a "Youth Sports Coach", or a "Crowd Funding Champion," and provides a link to

Apparently, Goldman is reacting to early signs that graduates are becoming less interested in pursuing a career in finance.

This isn’t the first attempt by the investment banking giant to a appeal to young demographic. In a bid to shake off its all work, no play image, Goldman recently told its summer interns to make sure they leave the offices between midnight and 7am during the week, because, y’know dude, YOLO.
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