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Brokers try out fencing skills at Beazley International Trophy tournament

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Fencers and brokers alike gathered at the Mansion House on Tuesday for a fencing tournament at the Lord Mayor’s office. Financiers and bankers were invited to watch the semi-final European fencing tournament, sponsored by Beazley Insurance Company.

Great Britain, France, Italy, and the USA competed in the semi-final matches of the Beazley International Trophy tournament. Bankers and brokers watched as the sportsmen lunged and parried against the backdrop of Corinthian columns and stained glass windows in the 18th-century mansion.

Great Britain was the overall winner, beating Italy in the final after defeating France in the semi-final. Italy overtook the USA in the semi-final to advance to the last stage of the tournament. Team USA took the bronze medal. Here are the full results from British Fencing.

Beazley Insurance had their own private guest list of brokers, but the event was also open to the public free-of-charge, for those who managed to sign up on time.

While the professionals were taking a break between rounds, a so-called ‘white-collar fencing’ master class was held, so brokers got an opportunity to try out the sport, albeit with plastic fencing tips and masks. The fencing competition was followed by an evening gala.

It is the first ever fencing match to have taken place at the Mansion House, which is often used for official City events hosted by the Lord Mayor, a position currently held by Alderman Alan Yarrow.

Beazley has invested about £1m in British fencing since 2011 and is a premier partner of British Fencing. The insurer says the sport requires similar skills as a successful insurance broker- discipline, agility and precision. British Fencing is still looking for a sponsor to take the reigns from Beazley.

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Photo: Bastien Mejane

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