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Video: The 3 best finance movies ever made

By NexChange
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With the “Wizard of Lies” and “The Big Short” set to hit the screens next year, I thought it was best to revisit some finance movies we’ve loved over the decades and see which ones still pack a punch.

Here’s my top three:

Margin Call, 2011

Arguably the best – and most realistic – finance movie of the 21st century so far, Margin Call chronicles 24 tense hours inside an unnamed investment bank (rumored to be Goldman) that has just discovered its MBS holdings are about to go horrifyingly toxic. Its stars Jeremy Irons as the creatively-named bank CEO, John Tuld, Kevin Spacey as the firm’s S&T chief, Sam Rogers, and a whole host of A-listers which includes Demi Moore in a very Erin Callan-esque role.

American Psycho, 2000

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a finance movie, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anything as cult-followed as this – save for my #1 – within the community. American Psycho follows Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), a Vice President at Pierce & Pierce’s M&A department who has unhealthy desire for all material things as well as a penchant for a bit of rape and serial killing. Interestingly, Bale used Tom Cruise as an inspiration for the role, noting his “very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes.” Check it out, it’s bone.

Wall Street, 1987

The gold standard. Hilariously, Oliver Stone set out to create Gordon Gekko as the absolute impersonation of greed, only to have Michael Douglas play the part a little bit too well. Aside from winning an Oscar for his role, Douglas inspired thousands to land a career on Wall Street – and has been routinely stopped on the streets because of it. Hell, there's even a lizard named after Gordon, Cnemaspis gordongekkoi.

Honorable mentions:

Trader, 1987
Trading Places, 1983
Rogue Trader, 1999

Anything else I missed?
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