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Daily Scan: Chinese equities return to earth; Japan holds gains

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September 17

Good evening everyone. After heading for the stratosphere throughout the day, mainland shares began experiencing problems in the last hour trading and eventually wiped out all its gains. The SHCOMP finished the day down 2.1% while the SZCOMP ended the session down 1.48%. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index unfortunately fell victim to the selloff as well, though the H-shares Index – surprisingly – managed to hold on to its gains:

Hang Seng Index: -0.53%
H-shares Index: +0.65%
Nikkei 225: +1.43%
Topix: +1.31%

Over in Europe, stock indices are beginning to dip lower with T-minus nine hours remaining until the Fed decision. The U.K.’s FTSE 100 is down 0.2%, Germany’s DAX slipped 0.1%, while France’s CAC dipped 0.2%. Here’s what else you need to know:

Japan upper house OKs defence bills amid chaos. A panel in Japan's upper house on Thursday approved legislation for a security policy shift that would allow troops to fight abroad for the first time since World War Two, a ruling party lawmaker said.Opposition lawmakers tried to physically prevent the vote in a chaotic scene carried live on national television. The legislation has sparked huge protests from ordinary voters. Channel News Asia

Another “coup”in Burkina Faso. Presidential guard officers in Burkina Faso have announced the dissolution of the transitional government. A new "national democratic council" has taken control, an officer said on state television. Interim parliament speaker Cheriff Sy said the move was "clearly a coup". BBC

Singapore’s non-oil exports tumble 8.4% year-on-year. The decline in NODX (non-oil domestic exports) is due to a contraction in the export of both electronic and non-electronic products.  Electronic and non-electronic domestic exports fell 2.7% and 10.6% in August, respectively. Channel News Asia

Chile coast rocked by 8.3 magnitude quake. At least five people were killed and 1 million evacuated from affected areas, when a powerful 8.3-magnitude earthquake struck Chile Wednesday. CNN

Desperate migrants clash with police in Hungary. Hungarian riot police responded to one of the worst bursts of violence that this tense refugee summer has seen. Agitated migrants at the border crossing were pelted with water cannons, head-cracking batons and both tear gas and pepper spray. New York Times (paywall)

Japan debates its pacifist policy - with a round of fisticuffs. Scuffles broke out in Japan's upper house today ahead of a vote on a controversial move by the government to expand the role of the armed forces. The bills would amend Japan's pacifist constitution to allow it to defend its allies overseas even when it is not under attack. BBC

U.S. CPI falls for first time since January. In a massive stumbling block for Yellen et cie, America’s consumer price index contracted 0.1% in August while on a year on year basis, August CPI climbed just 0.2%, essentially unched from July.

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