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Barron's Weekend Roundup: Alibaba sinks; Apple shows new potential

By NexChange
Capital Markets

A year ago this week, the Chinese Alibaba had the largest-ever IPO. In this week's cover story, Barron's looks at how the powerful company's stock went from peak to a downward slide. Alibaba's stock could continue to fall 50% further, Barron's writes.

Alibaba may be falling, but Apple has good growth potential, writes Barron's. Last week Apple revealed new products, including a new iPhone and iPad Pro. As wireless phone companies switch up their plans for customers, Apple is looking to compete with annual upgrades and phone leasing options. Shares for Apple could jump 50%, Barron's writes.

This coming week the Federal Reserve will make a decision about whether or not to raise interest rates. Growth stocks have been dominating in recent years, but rising rates could push value stocks up, writes Barron's.
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