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Video: Watch Jake Gyllenhaal play a grieving banker in 'Demolition'

By NexChange
Lifestyle, 4:01

While most of them are examples of fantastic story-telling, Wall Street movies have been following pretty much the same formula the past few years. Rich guy does sketchy things financially and gets his comeuppance – “Wall Street” (technically), “Wolf of Wall Street,” the upcoming “Wizard of Lies” – or rich guy does sketchy things to people and somewhat gets away with it – “American Psycho,” “Arbitrage,” “Margin Call.”

Well, here’s something a little different.

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts and directed by Dallas Buyers Club’s Jean-Marc Vallee, “Demolition” follows the life of Davis Mitchell, a successful investment banker who’s handling the sudden loss of his wife in pretty interesting ways. Check it out:

Vallee says it’s his most “Rock and Roll” movie to date, and let’s face it; Gyllenhaal’s been on a tear lately.

This should be good.
Photo: Wired Photostream

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