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Weekend reads: Dying unicorns, whiskey from space, and Putin’s bling ring

By NexChange
Lifestyle, 4:01

From Gavin Davies on the equity crash to how bad cute, fluffy puppies are to the economy, here are some great reads for you this weekend:

What caused the equity crash? Financial Times (paywall)
VCs have 'Dying Unicorn' lists, but they aren't sharing them. Fortune
Unravelling Russia’s offshore financial nexus. FT Alphaville (paywall)
Strangers in strange lands. The Economist
People like puppies, and it’s a big problem for the economy. Washinton Post
New investigation exposes glam life of Vladimir Putin’s bling ring. BuzzFeed
Chinese tech companies reportedly hiring 'cheerleaders' to motivate programmers. CBC 
What makes Uber run. Fast Company
Fall movie preview 2015: biopics, Bond, and 'The Force Awakens.' Rolling Stone
A whisky that spent nearly three years in space just landed back on Earth. Munchies
Man angers neighbors by shining 'alien' fighting spotlights. UPI

Photo: Peter Hopper

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