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Weekend Reads: Star Wars, Tianjin, and brunch with the former ‘King of mining M&A’

By NexChange
Lifestyle, 4:01

From Tianjin conspiracies to the dark side of licensing, here are some great reads for you this weekend:

With the release of “Straight to Hell” and “Why I left Goldman Sachs,” is the Michael Lewis classic “Liar’s Poker” still the best trading floor memoir? Gary Sernovitz sure thinks so. The New Yorker

Are the top-ranked sell-side analysts all they’re cracked up to be? Yes and no. Social Science Research Network 

Just three weeks before his glorious Vday parade, President Xi Jinping saw 158 of his countrymen die from the Tianjin Blasts. Were they accidents, or was there something else behind it? The Jamestown Foundation

He was JP Morgan’s chairman of global capital markets, and he also killed five people trying to demolish the center of Kano, Nigeria. Meet Ian Hannam, friend to mercenaries, persona non grata to the City, and quite possibly the most interesting man in finance. Financial Times

Are the Paul Tudor Jones and the Stanley Druckenmiller’s of the world created in a bull market? No, they cut their teeth in the ridiculous volatility of the 80’s. Here’s a discussion on how to gain a similar edge in this current environment. Medium

The upcoming Star Wars movie looks just as awesome as the first three. But what about its merchandise? Here are a few Star Wars products that are as ugly as Jabba crossed with a Sarlacc pit. Gizmodo

Can China sustain its current FX policy? All signs have been pointing to no. FT Alphaville
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