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Apple Launches 3 ‘Groundbreaking’ Health Studies

By NexChange

Apple, the Cupertino-based electronics giant, seems to be blazing trails on the healthtech scene.

According to a press release, the company will launch three “unprecedented” medical studies, all done in partnership with leading institutions. The studies will be available on Apple’s new – and free – Research app, “which democratizes how medical research is conducted by bringing together academic medical institutions, healthcare organizations and the Apple products customers already make a part of their everyday life.”

The three studies are the Apple Women’s Health Study, which focuses on gynecological conditions; the Apple Heart and Movement Study, which centers on how heart rate and mobility signals relate to hospitalizations, falls, heart health, and quality of life; and the Apple Hearing Study, which aims to understand how everyday sound exposure can impact hearing.

Michelle A. Williams, dean of the faculty at the Harvard T.H. Chan School, which partnered with Apple on the Women’s Health Study, said that “this study, unprecedented in scope, will greatly advance our understanding of the biological and social determinants of women’s health, and lead to better health outcomes.”

Meanwhile, Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association, had this to say:

“We believe that emerging technology solutions that seek to provide deeper health insights offer great potential in getting us there. We are collaborating with Apple and Brigham and Women’s Hospital on the Apple Heart and Movement Study to explore the correlation between a broad range of physical activities and a person’s overall heart health to ultimately understand risks and interventions to improve health.”

Photo: Apple

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