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Zunosaki HK’s Alvin Cheung at Healthtech O2O: Breakthrough!

By NexChange

Among the innovators at Healthtech O2O: Breakthrough! was robotics whiz Alvin Cheung. Cheung is co-founder and COO of Zunosaki, a Hong Kong-based robotics and social venture which aims to build affordable robotics for rehab patients. The company, in simple words, makes cool robotic gloves which help stroke patients regain their independence.

The portable gloves, named the HandyRehab gloves, helps patients in various ways, from allowing them to do passive movements such as opening and closing their hands, thus allowing them to grab hold of objects, to helping them regain their full range of motion.

That’s not all though; with their new and improved range, patients would then be motivated to move even more, thereby strengthening their brain to hand connections and making their rehabilitation faster and more effective.

Zunosaki is currently commercializing their product and if all goes well, it will hit the market by July this year. Until then, check out Alvin Cheung’s presentation at Healthtech O2O: Breakthrough!

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