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Well Being Digital, the HealthTech Company That Makes Earphones Deliver More Than Just Music

By NexChange

After seeing a lot of people “running around with an MP3 player and an earphone,” former Perception Digital Vice President, Kow Ping, thought of what else it can do besides delivering music.

The Answer? Sense physiological signals like heart rates and temperatures and coach the user.

From that question rose Hong Kong-based hearable innovator WellBeing Digital. The company patented its hearable technology in 2008 and currently boasts 20 employees between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It even just closed a Series A Round, raising a couple million dollars.

WellBeing Digital Co-founder Kow Ping was at Healthtech O2O: Breakthrough! to talk about his company and their products, and even provided a demo of how it works.

The whole process apparently takes just three minutes. The earphones first measure your interbeat interval, which medical papers say is constant when stressed and changing when relaxed. It then compares your stress levels to those in your age group, since stress tolerance changes with age, and should you so choose, a sophisticated artificial intelligence would determine what sort of exercise or music you need to get zennish.

It could also advise you to either speed up or slow down while exercising, allowing you to reach your optimal heartrate easily.

To learn more about their award-winning hearables, check out their website, here.

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