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It Takes 2 (Questions) to Make a Thing Go Right

By Advisor Perspectives
Financial Services

If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you may have been able to look a client in the eyes and tell them the 3 greatest words an advisor can tell a client. “We did it.” The human element in sharing that news is a win for any advisor and any client hearing it. However, when the human element in an advisor-client partnership is missing, clients may not appreciate everything that went into achieving their outcomes.

In this industry we tend to focus on the numbers—the returns, the quartiles, the fees—as we’re trying to win a relationship or keep it. Once advisors have the relationship, intensive planning and preparation takes place to keep a client on the right path to achieve their specific outcomes. What we often forget to do in this data-inundated world is return to the human impact investing can have on an end investor. On their end, it becomes stressful at the worst times, and without proper guidance, investors may end up making decisions based on their fears or even worse, the news.

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Photo: Mick Tobyn

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