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12 Tech Trends to Watch Over the Next 12 Months

By BenZinga
FinTech, AI, Blockchain, Financial Services, Healthtech

The evolution of technology spawns new generations of products and creates new markets for innovators.

Here’s a compilation of top tech predictions for 2019 based on separate reports from CB Insights and Loup Ventures.

1. Data Protection Becomes Geopolitical Issue

With increasing incidences of data breach and misuse, the accent is now on data protection. Most countries, including India and China, have demanded that multinationals localize data generated in their respective countries.

In the U.S., the data issue has elicited bipartisan support among lawmakers, said Loup Venture’s Doug Clinton.

“We see 2019 as a year of action in policy creation and expect to see a broad consumer data protection policy passed, although it may not be implemented until 2020 or later,” he said.

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2. The Hyperpersonalization Trend

The year 2019 will witness cross-industry collaborations intended to better understand users in order to offer fine-tuned products, according to CB Insights.

“Personalization is inspiring more than just new product features. It’s also helping set preferences for services that are otherwise one-size-fits-all,” the firm said.

A case in point: Spotify Technology SA (NYSE: SPOT) tying with to create unique playlists for individuals based on their DNA.

3. Smart Homes For Senior Citizens

Smart home-based technology will gain entry into senior citizen market, CB Insights said, citing recent patent filings.

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) (NASDAQ: GOOG) filed a patent for the use of “always on optical sensors” in houses that would capture data on cardiovascular function, the firm said.

4. Retail Channel Innovations

Even …

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