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Digging Deeper Into the Recovery After the Global Financial Crisis

By Advisor Perspectives
Capital Markets, Financial Services


  • Post-Crisis Reflections on Europe
  • The U.S. Housing Market Finds a New Normal


Vaibhav Tandon reflects on the eurozone’s experience since the financial crisis.

I attained my bachelor’s degree in foreign trade in 2008. I got hooked on economics in college, as I was attracted by the prospect of learning a science that could explain human behavior and offer the hope of making predictions about the future.

A year later, my interest in the subject prompted me to pursue a postgraduate degree in economics in the United Kingdom. I believed that by the by the time I graduated, the job market would have recovered enough to offer me long-term career prospects there. That hope went unfulfilled. The financial crisis proved much more difficult for Europe than it was for the US, and you can still see signs of it today.

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Photo: Jack Torcello

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