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China Takes Leading Role on Global Trade

By Advisor Perspectives
Capital Markets, Financial Services

About two years ago, I gave a speech about China and globalization. My main point was that China, after Xi Jinping’s speech at Davos in January 2017, seemed to be turning into the global champion of free trade, just as the U.S. and Europe were turning their backs on the idea. My views were met with a great deal of skepticism by some. “China isn’t serious about globalization” was a common reaction. And yet as I write this today, a headline pops up on TV quoting U.S. President Donald Trump: “EU just as bad as China.” In the global war on trade, the U.S. opens up front after front: Mexico, China, the European Union, Canada, etc.

I can’t help feeling a little vindicated.

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Photo: AK Rockefeller

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