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Diversifying Risk, and Risk?Takers, in Investment Management

By Advisor Perspectives
Asset Management


PIMCO’s new partnership with the organization Girls Who Invest is one more step toward a more inclusive financial services industry. It is also an act of conviction: At PIMCO, we believe that promoting diversity is more than simply the right thing to do from a moral, social and business standpoint. It is also the right thing to do for our clients’ portfolios. We believe a diversity of perspectives on an investment management team sparks innovation and uncovers the best solutions to help clients achieve their objectives.

Taking risks

Investing is about taking calculated risks. A portfolio represents the accumulation of numerous investment decisions (buy, sell, hold, when, where, what price), each informed by a rational assessment of the risks balanced against the potential rewards. Understanding, managing and diversifying risk is critical to optimizing long-term portfolio outcomes.

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Photo: Allan Ajifo

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