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New AI-Powered ETF Lets Investors Take Long-Term Approach to Blockchain

By BenZinga
Capital Markets, FinTech


Over the long term, most investors would do well to approach a boom in a particular asset class or sector with the utmost suspicion. Volatile markets are the purview of the intraday trader, and long-term investments in a rules-based index fund or ETF have shown much more consistent success in returning profit, especially in the long run.

So what can long-term investors make of cryptocurrencies and their parent technology blockchain? The latest manias rollercoastering through the markets have captured the attention of the Street, business executives and the public as a whole. But while the price of bitcoin still tries to find its level and more and more companies announces their transition into blockchain, what can long-term investors do to capture alpha in the exciting new space?

Long Chain

The Innovation Shares NextGen Protocol ETF (NYSE: KOIN), a new index-pegged ETF from Innovation Shares which launched at the end of January, uses artificial intelligence and textual analysis to identify blockchain companies that show a long-term commitment toward blockchain integration as a …

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